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When does China rely on to machine dress no longer " change Boeing "

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[Coverall knowledge] when does China rely on to machine dress “ to change Boeing ” no longer
A mark has “ the cap of ‘ China production ’ , the Chinese sells American 1 dollar, but American sells American 25 dollars; The woollen sweater that a China makes, this year autumn is wide pay the lowermost sale price that can sell the United States the trader 0.8 dollars, and the price after going to the United States to stick a card about a hundred dollar. The grey that we export, dress is number with ton plan, and the price of conduit of artificial kidney, nerve presses the fiber of the entrance however the gram calculates. ” Shanghai spin accuses (group) if company president is like Gui Yu, go out fully a lot of but and anxious.

Industry of Chinese spin garment regards shop of dress of “ world spin as ” , face awkward situation all the time, what Wu Jinglian says economist of no less than: “ was used up cannot renewable resources, destroyed an environment, bore the notoriety of the dumping again, still do not have gain finally how many money. ”

Perhaps this is the current situation of Chinese garment industry, if using Xiao Guiyu, say even if: The awkwardness of product of “ China dress depends on: In brand end you counterpoise without speech, you are carried in the technology cannot say word, discover finally, you can be in only the around of this industry catenary struggles hard between two end, earn a few money earned by hard toil. ” brand is others, the design is others, the technology is others, fiber material is others, market channel also is others, china produces business more the beggarly like person that work, or it is to give other to make marry the attendant of the garment, or else is like that the child others raises endure all kinds of hardships to raise fat baby-sitter greatly.

The case that our country produces the shirt of world famous brand with additional extremely high cost is such, and those are used by what extensive exemple moves medium “ changes the is not famous brand shirt place of Boeing ” to be able to be imagined.

Spin clothing company of China has realized gradually, want to work for others “ no longer ” , see people look act, must transform export pattern, abandon the traditional trade pattern that low competes, make the product of the innovation that others does not have.

From the point of the statistical data last year, before 2005 8 months, chinese clothing outlet maintains smooth growth, among them the export unit price of knitting dress, tatting dress rose respectively 17.2 % and 6 % ; Two when export as dress main kinds big, export unit price rises show Chinese clothing outlet already walked out of “ quantity to add valence to drop gradually the blind lane of ” .

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