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Teach you to know clothing fabrics

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[Coverall knowledge] teach you to know clothing fabrics
Dress is made with fabrics and become, fabrics uses the data of the dress that make namely. Regard dress as one of 3 element, fabrics can explain the style of dress and character not only, and the colour that controlling dress directly, formative behaves the effect.

In dress macrocosm, the fabrics of dress is multifarious, change quickly. But from will tell on the whole, high grade, high-grade fabrics, have mostly wear comfortable, suck sweat to breathe freely, the characteristic that overhang holds out a few respects such as soft beauty of nobility of draw together, vision, touch.

Make written dress is worn in official social situation place, appropriate selects product of pure cotton, pure wool, pure silk, pure hemp. With the clothing that fabrics of these 4 kinds of simple crude character makes, mostly class is higher. Sometimes, wear the dress that writes pure leather to make, also allow.

Below, make a few simple introductions respectively to the character of common clothing fabrics.

1, cotton cloth

Cotton cloth, it is the floorboard of of all kinds cotton textile. It is multi-purpose will make fashionable dress, recreational outfit, underwear and shirt. Its advantage is relaxed heat preservation, downy and close-fitting, hygroscopic, permeability very beautiful. Its defect is to shrink easily, knit easily, draw together is held out not quite on the exterior beautiful, wearing when writing, must iron constantly very hot.

2, flax

Flax, be wait for all sorts of hemp with hempen, flax, ramie, Jute, sisal, abaca kind a kind of material that plant fiber makes. Be used to commonly design recreational outfit, job outfit, also make common summer clothing with its more at present. Its advantage is intensity extremely tall, moisture absorption, heat conduction, permeability very beautiful. Its defect is to wear very not comfortable, the surface is relatively rough, curt.

3, silk

Silk, it is a general designation of all sorts of silk fabric that become for raw material spin with silk. Like cotton cloth, its breed is very much, individual character each different. It can be used to make all sorts of clothing, suit to use dress of the lady that make especially. Its good qualities is frivolous, formfitting, soft, Hua Shuang, breathe freely, colour is flowery, be full of burnish, nobility is elegant, wear comfortable. Its inadequacy is easy unripe cockle, suck easily not quite body, strong, fade faster.

4, woolen cloth

Woolen cloth, call wollens again, it is the general term of pair of fabric that weave with of all kinds abb, cashmere. It normally comfortable in order to makes the normal, high-grade clothing such as formal attire, business suit, coat. Its advantage is anti-creasing wear-resisting, feel softness, decorous hold out draw together, be full of flexibility, warmth retention property is strong. Its defect basically is catharsis relatively difficult, apply to the summer wear that make not quite.
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