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Hemp kind fabrics dress knowledge

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[Coverall knowledge] hemp kind fabrics dress knowledge

Hemp kind of dress cut into parts make

Hemp kind dress makes linear cent secant or contour line aptly on the structure, because of its overhang function not beautiful, the garment skirt that should avoid to apply plait Jian or make it to stretch is to give a person the impression with overstaffed otherwise. Because hemp pledges fabrics flexibility is differred, should not be tight or carry the structure with old momentum is designed. The washing shrinkage of hemp fabric is bigger (as about the same as cotton cloth of printing and dyeing) , before cutting out, need soggy shrink beforehand, iron very hot temperature is higher (180—200 ℃ ) . Have the flax tissue of stripe of degree of finish to the surface, when cutting out, should place beautiful to making its together symmetrical, flax fiber ruptures intensity is high, should use those who grow thick acuteness to seam a needle, firm degree of older suture tailor. Of flax fabric fight knit gender, wearability to all be differred, be in in flexure easy wear away, ke Jiaming line, double open-wire line makes decoration and increase bear tatty area.

Hemp kind of dress wear with

Hemp kind the dress point of dress is to wear do not grow too with time, ying Qin is changed wash frequently. Summer sticks wearing dress, if be changed not frequently, make the “ hemp of fabric surface writtens guarantee ” sends Huang Nan to wash extremely easily. Often change wash the exhaustion that can overcome hemp fabric, make place of dress easy tatty prolongs life. Next, had better not wear woven the dress of flax sleeps at will lie sit lean, because hemp pledges fabrics Yi She is knitted, especially the cockle after weigh restores not easily, the influence is beautiful.

Hemp kind of dress wash bask in

The catharsis of hemp fabric asks basically as identical as cotton cloth, but its immerse time shoulds not be too long. Because hemp thread is common firmer hard, cohesion is poor, ought to knead gently, unfavorable puissant on washboard rub is kneaded, avoid is used brush forcedly brush brush, lest cottony, ramie dress needs to notice especially, otherwise cottony hind the meeting when be being worn again feels itchy is unwell. Cannot twist forcibly after full squeeze or dehydration, in case hemp fiber slippage, influence exterior and durable degree. Cool when basking in, should the dress get the place such as front of a garment and juncture to pull flat tension to hold out, can fall in the sun cool bask in, but do not want insolate or time to grow too, prevent to fade. Hemp fabric touchs all sorts of besmirch on, purify method also as identical as cotton fabric, dan Reya has mark of slight cigarette bright on hemp fabric, next a little while basking in can be put in sunshine to be able to be eliminated again after with lemon is wiped.

Hemp kind of dress collect

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