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How to choose to fit the dress pattern of own bodily form

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How to choose to fit the dress pattern of own bodily form

The choice key of business suit design selects the color that depends on an individual, nevertheless the key is durable and be able to bear or endure the business suit that see, unfavorable have too intense recreational color. Qiu Dong one season, many international are famous the brand enters business suit arena of Qiu Dong vogue again in succession again, luxuriant let a man have man taste more with elegant clipping, even the double platoon that for a long time did not see buttons suit jacket, also show a trace in brand of a few men's clothing, if you already prepared helper average, we should offer your Tip on a few choose and buys, design popularity is quite main index admittedly, but the line of bodily form look with you, and look comfortable this ability is durable the standard of choose and buy of business suit!

Those who master clipping is comfortable degree

Too close-fitting business suit looks not only overcautious, wear rise to also let a person all over at odds, cast in raise one's hand sufficient between because lack enough extend space, appear insufficient on the movement so Li falls, but lines of scarcity of too recreational as a result also does not accord with the style of course the spirit that wears business suit, of most appropriate design is to have Ou Shi or the cut out unwanted material of flower type, and retain at the same time the soft intimacy of beautiful type suit, that is to say girth appreciably bring together, the pattern with humeral clear line.

Have the key of choose and buy of thin body effect

Some business suit are worn rise let you appear “ is sedate excessive, old mannish is superabundant ” , perhaps let you look may a few fatter, have the visual key of jacket of a few suit actually, do decide it to be able to let you look a few thinner. Avoid as far as possible wide the suit jacket that get, convenient width is 3.5 吋 about (calculate from shirt collar horn about case to humeral line among) , pass to be gotten widely model the upper part of the body that invites you appears wider.

By accepted the business suit pattern that has thin body effect most is, the flower type suit that opens double fork rear (if belong the person with a loftier head,do not cross you, appropriate chooses business suit of only forked type) , because open fork bilaterally to be when the action, if concealed is like the leg ministry that sees you now,can let a person, let you appear some taller with this, and the friend that the habit inserts the hand in leg opening bag, also won't affect coxal line. The height that opens fork nevertheless is unfavorable and exorbitant, high point maintains about after pocket top is advisable.

When buying Western-style clothes must advertent a few keys, it is shoulder, bosom, armhole and body length, especially in front 3 area once overgrown word, cannot revise constrainedly, and can revise about on garment body length come about two 吋 , once exceed this length, integral scale is destroyed, although salesman tells you overgrown to the percentage can think you are free,revise so, but still have the limit that changes to be not gotten, must advertent.
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