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Textile of sex of function of Shenzhen clothing company becomes development heat

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Nowadays, people pays close attention to the health of environment of surroundings, work and oneself more and more. To suit and improve the surroundings of people and working environment, improve the life quality of people and life quality, the mobile space of augment mankind, functional sex textile held larger and larger proportion in the life of people.
The partial fabrics that waits for the province such as 12 cities and Jiangsu, Zhejiang to Shanghai, Nanjing, Ning Bo according to authoritative branch not long ago purchases the survey result of business to show, purchase business to be when fabrics of choose and buy, can consider a few kinds of following cases:
Clothing company is purchased in fabrics when, element of the first consideration is " feel and hang down the functional sex that the element that the element of feeling " , the 2nd consideration is " price " , the 3rd consideration just is fabrics. This specification is in usually, functional sex still is not the element of first selection.
The company that has used functional sex dry goods is occupied 53.7% , although functional sex fabrics just tries to use,this explains, but prospective foreground will be very hopeful.
When asking functional sex fabrics suits which kinds of dress, most enterprise chooses to suit to be used at " " of kit of major of outdoors product " , " and " are special professional tool " 3 kinds of big dress, the be identical of main use photograph of this kind of feedback and functional sex fabrics.
Fabrics is purchased in, to the consideration of functional sex element, on the option that values " of feature of what function sex in " , choice " fights the " that knit a gender, " to fight the electrostatic sex " , company with " of " waterproof permeability most. "Fought the " that knit a gender to rise to take property, easy do; "Fought electrostatic sex " to solve people to suffer electrostatic worry in dry season; "Waterproof permeability " got used to a part the need of high-grade and recreational outfit, professional sportswear and outdoors dress in functional sex respect; Underwear and childen's garments emphasize the intimacy that permeability of fabric moisture absorption brings quite. These functional fabrics improved the life quality of people.
Xu Chengjun is relevant data
Aba function fabrics- - the refus water defends oily performance easy decontamination fabrics with technical higher content, via microtherm plasma processing; Fight cottony fabrics having a ball, via processing of collosol of accept rice silicon; Defend sexual function fabrics, contain aba of fibrous of charcoal of stainless steel fiber, bamboo to have permanent antistatic, radiation-proof function; The aba that contains a metal to wrap core gauze has special drape, broadwise to configuration is remembered and fight radiation.
Knitting function fabrics- - include sanitarian function fabrics: Fabrics of fiber of the charcoal that be like bamboo (the sweat of moisture absorption platoon, adsorptive peculiar smell, ) that fight bacterium; Fabrics of accept rice silver-colored fiber (fight bacterium, and do not change fiber color, be able to bear or endure wash, be able to bear or endure bask in, high temperature resistant) ; Anion scent fabrics () of bacterium of faint scent, curb; Germanium fiber fabrics (circulation of heat preservation of accumulation of heat, stimulative blood, fight fatigue) ; Prevent the enzymatic fabrics that fight bacterium (use the flavor of Chinese herbal medicine, plant natural dye that makes and inorganic agent, the crude knitted piece goods after processing fights bacterium deodorant, prevent mite mouldproof) ; Pearl fiber fabrics (raise Yan Hufu, clear fire to defeat poison, and) of beautiful of all of burnish, feel.
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