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Business affairs of man of 5 big popular professions is worn outfit

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Their business suit is more beautiful, often make up with trousers departure matchs, can wear give another kind of taste. Business suit is 3 are buckled, the shirt also is fashionable color more, the choice of leather shoes is given priority to with black and deep coffee, also have other color and pattern. They go to work and lie fallow share very clear, so, move costume is more elaborate meticulous.

Because journalism is apart craftsmanship is fine, the difference between them is more apparent also. Lens personnel and director go out to like orchid color and warm color to move tie-in move to wear in the TV station; Spot staff member does not take necktie for certain, and advertise with the sale, wear business suit primly; The personnel that make is freer, of turndown unlined upper garment, jacket have, of a pair of artist make a group, but final cultured or brand.


Old hot days still is wearing business suit, the person that ground of streaming with sweat rushs about on the driveway, it is advertisement likely from personnel of course of study.

Advertising outstanding achievement comes from the client's amount, so, the competition of this group course of study and hardship are self-evident, trustful feeling of the client appears very important. Advertising Wu personnel is worn outfit is normaller, it is navy or gray business suit commonly, design relatively in a popular style, without character trait, white shirt, deserve to go up dark tonal cravat, what endure a client so easily is captious.

Article table and design personnel are much more relaxed, sit in the office, wearing shirt of a brief informal note, pulling slipper, add on one the trousers that fertilizer grows again, satisfied informal. But go out do business, also must a little normal one, individual character can be concealed only.

Actually, advertising is fashionable concoctive ground, modern nowadays ethos also is here gradually popular, the youth also pays attention to the pattern that has a brand, individuation is worn outfit also already make public leaves come.

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