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Business affairs of man of 5 big popular professions is worn outfit

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Pay no attention to into still popular, dress of in sad earnest was worn make old Western-style clothes, look more overcautious person, often be the employee in financial work.

Stem from the pressure of the character of occupational and job, bank employees like the navy that odd on white shirt coat platoon buckles or gray suit commonly, deserve to go up again the simpler cravat such as belt small figure. This is not the unified regulation of out industry, what behaved their heart however is overcautious with the acquiesce to actuating pressure.

The man of banking is worn install the difference that goes up without the age almost, color, pattern is similar, perhaps be managers like again sedate and lineal, the youth is disadvantageous also too exquisite. As a result of the professional influence to disposition, although they are exquisite also modern with the brand, but more cultured is good in quality and cheap in price, because this is homebred,famous brand and discount business suit became good option. Nevertheless, the discretion on position still also makes their move is containing delicate difference.   

Foreign enterprise personnel

This one group is the white-collar gens with the lightest age, dress up rise, each is Shuai Xiaohuo. They are the faithful advocate of popular fashion and well-known trademark, so, the business suit design of the choice and color compare freedom and diversity, basically Italianism double platoon buckles comfortable business suit, and the design that incline to buckles at 3.

Their shirt color rich and colorful, yellow, blue, pink, popularity has black recently, likelihood and play the part of “Cool to concern, white blouse is a few less instead. Leather shoes is more multifarious, of large base, of wide head, it is famous brand. Cravat is more optional, novelty is shown in optional midstream.

Shuai Xiaohuo people most person likes to go to brand shop or high-grade bazaar buys brand clothing, and arrive when change garments according to the season go buying, in an attempt to catchs up with fashionable tide. Of course, when the person with a few not high salary can choose to sell at a discount or some of depreciation is bought to taste when change garments according to the season, because they also know, vogue resembles an igneous annulus, turn cross circuit to be able to come back again, and some things are won't antiquated, want elaborate collocation only, deserve to go out a novelty and savour, it is a kind of vogue all the same.

Have a Shuai Xiaohuo, shirt of a yellow is worn in navy business suit, deserve to go up again the cravat of orange bottom, appear very peculiar, and others does not feel abrupt, have a kind of good opinion to him instead, because look him more resemble a pure young man student.

News from personnel of course of study

They are modern gens, the information of fashionable tide they most get first, they also purchase those fashionable clothing conditionally, can go to brand brand shop or be away on official business buy when abroad. They won't resemble foreign capital company those Shuai Xiaohuo is worn many appearance is colorfully. So, their cultured is a brand, it is design, it is quality of a material, it is charge for the making of sth. , cultured is the intimacy, feeling that stick put oneself in another's position, detail feeling, what can show them is delicate and decorous.
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