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Business affairs of man of 5 big popular professions is worn outfit

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Business affairs of man of 5 big popular professions is worn outfit

Fashionable dress course of study always is staring at the look closely modern green woman, however, the man has the man's elegant demeanor oneself. Professional man needs to succeed, the business affairs that needs a success interacts, and neat, decorous move installs the elegant demeanour that can add a man, feel in order to trust to the person.

Nowadays, industry of company of lawyer, foreign capital, banking, journalism and advertising already made popular trade, the man in these industries pays attention to dress more than other industry, more conspicuous. Because popular occupational competition is more intense, more need to have self-confident heart and alight appearance.

Professional man's successful equation is: Hard move outfit

To the “ white-collar ” in the city people for, the choice limits as usual of dress is very ostentatious. Mix as a result of occupational character however the man's more conservative idea, the goal that professional man pays attention to is more consistent, namely the equipment such as business suit, shirt, cravat and leather shoes, also formed respective popular “ to be used to ” at the same time. These habits often are concerned with the characteristic of the industry, more concern with the dress style of those successful personages in the industry. A business suit of professional men needs 2000 yuan about, dress of a year (include shirt, cravat, leather shoes to wait) expenditure needs 8000 yuan about.


The lawyer's dress mostly lineal and rigorous, experienced cautious, give a person a kind of credit and confidence sense. Be worn business suit is navy and suit mostly, sheet discharges button, and iron via ironing surely, maintain crease essence clear, give a person neat and civilized sense. Old-style lawyer chooses British design more. 3 heads a the upper part of the body, won't change along with vogue and change, because they feel style is the most important. Young renown lawyer pays attention to a brand quite, like beautiful Italianism comfortable business suit, also pay attention to fabrics and charge for the making of sth. , have a successful feeling. The lawyer chooses white shirt more, what this has reputation is indicative, do not allow a button, when leaving a room to go out, regular meeting puts on appearance and buckle on button. Cravat most chooses what warm color moves or have stripe figure, and it is famous brand certainly. Shoe is exquisite black leather shoes, appear sedate and handsome.

As fashionable popularity, the move of young lawyer contained a few change. More recently is to wear blue shirt. Allegedly blue can make he carries condition of a good intention. At the same time they are paid attention to more to the quality of a material of dress and brand, they are in move toward vogue gradually, they are capable to accomplish this.   

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