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The story of Sun Zhongshan and Chinese tunic suit

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[Subdue knowledge] the story of Sun Zhongshan and Chinese tunic suit
The story of Sun Zhongshan and Chinese tunic suit
1895, sun Zhongshan led first time armed revolt---Guangzhou uprises, after failure, sun Zhongshan is the development that seek revolution moves, reach Macao from Guangzhou, classics Hong Kong touchs Japanese Kobe, horizontal creek, the plan establishs branch of the meeting in promoting.

The end of the year, sun Zhongshan cuts tail in horizontal creek, change clothing, abandoned the dress with the feudal severe consciousness that quiet day carries out compulsively, the outfit of new-style dress student that put on business suit and Japan, sergeancy is taken, express with feudalism break with, advocate new idea, new science, new culture, have revolutionary activity actively. Of Sun Zhongshan take the action easily, a when the revolution of democracy of the anti-feudal that is him, initiate struggles main component, in dress be to have far-reaching influence and great sense on culture history.

Red side sews the Zhongshan that does for Chairman Mao Zedong is taken

Sun Zhongshan just meets peaceful wave tailor is developed in Japan start line of business when. Sun Zhongshan comes for the first time horizontal creek, the overseas Chinese that has garment industry attends welcome the job, they become the important proponent of career of Sun Zhongshan revolution.

According to concerning personage memory, sun Zhongshan ever the revolutionary comrade such as Huang Xing of in the company of is working often go the inn of Western-style clothes of synonymous prosperous woolen cloth of Zhang, will contrive the overseas Chinese of the dress bound such as the Zhang Fangcheng of intent resign to of Chinese new dress. This approves the tailor that has great reputation quite in Japanese dress bound, wait for the person's opinion according to Sun Zhongshan, Huang Xing, use business suit modelling and the technology that make, consult the reform train of thought that Japanese student outfit, sergeancy takes, the dress culture that blends in China is traditional.

Begin from the Chinese tunic suit of trial-produce, every detail has its specific new culture intention, intellectual of the dimension of the 5 authority schism according to democratic and republic system, country, the Three People's Principles and Chinese revolution need is participated in found a state concept, and the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket before changing Zhongshan to take has 5 button, 4 bag, 3 cuff-link, pectoral bag builds pen rack model. Make the uniform with centralized government of former the Republic of China.

On October 1, 1949, chairman Mao Zedong is wearing Chinese tunic suit, stand in a tower over a city gate of Tian An Men to the world majestic announce People's Republic of China holds water, arrive so far 20 centuries seventies end, chinese tunic suit enters home of common common people, it became the “ country of that times to take ” .
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