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Subdue suit, shirt, the choice of cravat and collocation

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Normal circumstance first selection is brunet suit (be like black, dark blue, deep ash) , it is medium next grey, Brown with concealed wait. If young thinks relaxed, a few more recreational word, can consider to choose color some weaker, be like grain of cream-colored, weak ash, a brief informal note, case or sheet jacket is tie-in; Even if brunet suit, should deserve to act the role of only also can show relaxed atmosphere appropriately, if deserve to go up the cravat of decorative pattern Ming Yan, wear shirt of a brief informal note, grid not to hit cravat to wait even.
The white of internationalization of general first selection, Dan La, medium blue wait for monochromatic shirt; White bottom stripe or grid shirt, appear a few more relaxed, business affairs of this kind of shirt feels stronger; Brunet shirt and decorative pattern shirt do not suit normal activity and activity of advanced business affairs commonly. It is only in more relaxed, recreational atmosphere or the ability when the youth's get-together chooses this kind of shirt; Character 8 is gotten get model shirt relatively atmosphere, the needle is gotten more delicate, but should look why is popularity planted at that time get model; Short sleeve shirt suits in next estate are worn with, upper circles chooses to grow sleeve shirt from beginning to end in.
Above all advice is: The person that undertakes leader and business affairs activity should make tie from beginning to end, because cravat is “ esteem, accredit, literate of ” indicative. Answer to choose cravat decently next. The length of cravat, width has certain and exquisite, but material and color, style is the most important. Calibration compasses and avoid by all means of advanced business affairs activity wear chemical fibber and charge for the making of sth. coarse, with the cravat with feeble makings.
Necessary cravat color: Answer commonly stock blue, brown, chestnut the cravat with gray; Summer must prepare weak gray and white cravat. It is next should stock deep impression is inclined, the cravat of dot and more regular decorative pattern.
Choose the principle that matchs tie: Should be fastened with color with appearance or have the part that be the same as color, such more harmonious appearing, decent, grave. Of course, also can form comparative color with appearance, the feeling is young, a few more lively.
A few proposals of tie-in cravat: The blouse with ① color or simple design, the cravat with OK and tie-in more complex and changeful pattern. ② compares the shirt of flowery, suit the monochromatic tie with tie-in simple style. ③ likes metabolic person, optional choose matchs with grid shirt dot cravat, or cravat of grid of stripe shirt collocation, and the cravat shirt of pattern of two kinds of different grid matchs each other, it is right choice. The design with ④ lively pattern, can choose the athletic shirt that collocation lies fallow easily.

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