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About the suit formal- - the man that wears a suit looks surely

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The tradition of dress of follow Europe man is used to and modern man suit basically is formed, its dress up behavior to have certain formal sense, if double platoon buckles a suit to give a person with grave, formal feeling, wearing in formal circumstance more, agree with formal ceremony, conference; Odd platoon buckles suit dress place general, appropriate regards the job as the recreational suit in medium professional suit or life.

Wear two to buckle a suit to buckle the first to express earnest, do not buckle button to state atmosphere is optional; 3 buckle business suit on among one bead or above two are earnest, do not buckle express harmonious; Be buckled in order to be and one buckles business suit is not to buckle distinction earnest and blame is earnest. In addition, the suit form of two buttons above, abstain from strung is all button.


On the combination of suit and shirt, the lap of the shirt should put pants in, after getting ready, line collar and cuff all should compare appearance to grow 1 - 2cm left and right sides.

Clean white or the long sleeve shirt that white takes relaxed blue streak are indispensable basic dress fittings. Please advertent: Collarband and cuff touch besmirch to should be not worn toward the body again, must wash neatly, irons very straightly shirt Cai Yue looks.


Clean lubricious and color slants suit of dark a complete set of is comfortable at a variety of circumstances, most clique use.

Because Chinese complexion slants,fizzle out, ying Shaoxuan yellow, green, purple when choosing color, appropriate choosing is color of blue-black, deep grey warm sex, neuter the color such as color is. The man with darker look, department of optional choose light color and neutral are lubricious.

The jacket that has bright bag suits to be being worn in more informal circumstance only, camera bag jacket suits formal situation.


Brunet sock can match brunet suit, also can distribute the Western-style clothes of light color. The sock of light color can match light color suit, but unfavorable match brunet suit. Avoid matchs a suit with white sock. The principle of sock length grows to could there be not short


Black leather shoes is all-purpose shoe, it can match a kind of any saturate from allocate a suit. Gray shoe shoulds not be definitely match brunet suit, the shoe of light color also can match light color suit only. And shoe of coat of paint appropriate matchs formal attire.

The person that shoe brushs shinily, can appear particularly bright, give a person easily with good impression, dirty shoe is the most unfavorable the hall that enters elegance.

Leather belt:

Brunet suit can match brunet chatelaine, light color suit criterion but deep but shallow leather belt deserves to go up. In addition, the color of leather belt should be coordinated with leather shoes.

Sidekick towel:
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