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Shenzhen subdues sale in domestic market of enterprise face about: Those who lea

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Although the profit of foreign trade has 10% only, the profit of trade is as high as 25% inside, but treatment batch of abroad is big, stabilize again, and inside trade has more uncertainty. But, as the changeover of international economic situation, american economy begins to glide, and Chinese economy grows at full speed, clothing company must transfer eye and power to home market. A lot of clothing companies that so 90% profit come from foreign trade change the strategy in succession, put forward to want to achieve the goal of the trade inside the sale and foreign trade have equal shares.
The dress that arrange the United States produces per year of all kinds dress 1.1 million are covered, year sales revenue 300 million multivariate, year exit is achieved collect 2000 much dollars. Before 2005, suitable caparison installs the profit of 70% above to come from exit. To the end of 2007, inland trade portion arrives by original 30% promotion 40% above, built oneself sale network in countrywide each district, by many 20 original storefront development arrives at present the whole nation has 90 storefront, among them concessionary management inn is occupied 10% . Beijing arranges Xue Baojin of general manager of beautiful dress Inc. to think, trademark dispute is done to often overflow a long process in home, need many capital, talent and sale network, and the good proportion of trade of inside and outside is to take an in part each.
Take a talent seriously to lay in
Xue Baojin explains, do inside trade and foreign trade have very big different. Foreign trade is supplied materials treatment commonly, what fabrics, design, sale need not oneself are done, smaller also to the requirement of capital, also do not have the risk that the product throws. Trademark dispute is done to often overflow a long process in home, need many capital, talent and sale network.
Profit basically comes from the suitable beauty of foreign trade, when the transition 3 years ago, what think of above all is not the supplied materials treatment of patulous home, choose to increase strength to make his brand however. This is in at that time is a very big challenge, also be the company's long-term strategy consideration, because oneself brand people tape does not go, and treatment finished of brand or other people.
Suitable beauty resembles other the clothing company that faces transition is same, how expanding inside a lot of twists and turns were experienced among the problem of trade, most the research and development that the problem that encounters first is a product is designed. Xue Baojin recollects: So we do “ only suit, do not pay attention to design of research and development, still make cravat, men's clothing besides the suit now, abound the product as far as possible change, let a client feel we just do not do onefold suit, make a brand of men's clothing and lifestyle however. ” this experience is to do foreign trade to learn to come actually.
Suitable beauty has 35 stylist only before transition, increase inside after trade strength, suitable beauty introduces stylist from Italy, cooperate with foreign stylist. Already had 15 stylist to now, the stylist of general clothing company is not to attend order goods of the meeting, but the demand that suitable beauty is eager to knowing home market at that time, formulary stylist must attend order goods meeting, make detailed introduction to the product in the spot, so OK and agile the characteristic the product and advantage communicate effective ground to purchase square. Additional, suitable beauty still asks inn of door of stylist classics haunt goes. Understand sale status on one hand, communicate with the salesperson more on the other hand, let a salesperson understand a product better, stylist also understands customer demand more.
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