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Rising today summerly T-shirt amounts to a person

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The T-shirt with very simple modelling, omnipotent collocation is however in eye of street wet person necessary, it is the trifling change of printing design only, can evolution goes out to differ completely model case is dressed up. Design Great Masters also love to employ variety on the T-shirt, or imprints on lovely animal recalls childhood, or is inspirational dash forward do bit of art to insert a picture now, flat perhaps write on oneself idea swagger through the street, perhaps play bit of vision game again, imprint scarf, braces directly go up, help even collocation you do good …… this probably namely the glamour place of the T-shirt, in simple in play piece Protean. Gorgeous the summer of much appearance has come, master this season T-shirt immediately 5 craze element, rising today summerly T-shirt amounts to a person.

Tong Qu design reveals adult childishness

Vivid Tong Qu design always can call a heart in not the childishness of die out, no matter be a piece of haing haing smiling face, still be puerile infant formula doodle, or the cartoon design with lovely modelling, the pleasure that can take us to seek childhood period a few minutes does not have care.

T typhoon appearance

The fat star design that fastening bowknot makes a person cannot help laughing, the irregular skirt that tie-in pine breaks down reachs twill pants socks, asing if is the children outfit of adult edition, reveal infinite Tong Qu.


T-shirt of 1. Tong Qu suits pants of skirt of bitter fleabane of tie-in bitter fleabane, hubble-bubble skirt, braces to wait to have the dress of childhood impress likewise, whole makes ingredient of lovely Tong Zhen.

2. if you think more additional kind a bit, also can match outside Tong Qu T-shirt business suit and thin leg pants, go model division line, effect of formation contrast of strong visual sense is likewise wonderful.

Art inserts a picture to send out individual character is temperamental

Without doubt, 2008 Chun Xia art conquer thoroughly fashionable dress bound, fashionable dress designs a Great Master to stretch bosom to the artist in succession, enjoy the collaboration that cross a boundary greatly. The T-shirt is designed also not exceptional, abstract doodle, realistically general of wave of eye of effigies, humorous caricature, dazzle, enjoyable aquarelle is simple T-shirt to depict went up artistic colour, be the big heat that Ben Jizhang shows character temperament absolutely anthology.

T typhoon appearance

Deep-sea swim piscine canvas rectifies a T-shirt completely, work of art the oldest rate magnifies, the person that wear repeatedly ases if in place oneself ocean. Trousers of silver-colored gray of private parts collocation, for originally calm deep-sea breath more the secret touch that added a few minutes of iciness.
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