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Waists-coat T-shirt: Wear a smart move to decorate good figure

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Night difference in temperature of Chu Xia is bigger, on equipment one handsome waists-coat appears when be being heated up by day for important —— especially can sheet wears a T-shirt or dress, a bit cool in the evening can outside build a waists-coat, not only have a money handsome, very close also practical.

Recommend reason: The permutation that the metal buckles brings the sense of ROCK, suit the girl of hale temperament. To match black T, pencil pants exceeds handsome!

Recommend reason: The waists-coat of different fabrics joining together, spin the sisters of abb pony armour to wearing essence of be used to, it is a surprise absolutely!

Recommend reason: This is derived by main fund waists-coat, clipping is distinctive, have administrative levels feeling, the feeling of elaborate design giving a person!

Recommend reason: If you do not suit neuter wind, prefer tender feminine temperament, this is very appropriate, the affiliation of bud silk balanced the neuter feeling of rigid!

Recommend reason: Of waists-coat wear a law newly, as a result of lengthen length, because this also can fasten belt, very distinctive!

Recommend reason: Exceed the waists-coat that shine, suit PARTY dress, must match nevertheless high-heeled shoes oh!

Recommend reason: Waists-coat of tall pocket short money, appearance is very lovely, won't so cruel, suit an institute to send MM!

Recommend reason: Optional money, soft and comfortable knitted piece goods, slack department is between the waist, very satisfied!

[Draft source: Sohu woman]
[Editor: Gao Qin]

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