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Cultural Festival of Shanghai international dress kicks off 24 days

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Cultural Festival of dress of international of the 14th Shanghai will be held on April 29 at coming on March 24, the theme this year is " China starts a design formerly rise abruptly, the inheritance of culture of dress of sea manner and air " .

The reporter understood from plenary session of clothing division organizing committee and press conference yesterday, this clothing division activity is divided in all for 8 big board piece, include closure, exhibition to reveal, professional match, forum, popular trend is released, trade activity. Among them, "Week of Shanghai fashionable dress news briefing of series of 08 autumn winters " it is this year mobile initiate, this indicates fashionable dress week will begin a Shanghai with week of whole world fashionable dress run mode to conform, mix for native land stylist achieve a brand to make brand-new issuance and communication taste platform formerly. And another those who cause attention " grand opera " it is clothing division closure " maritime flower -- , hundred years cheongsam " large exhibit act and hundred years cheongsam is large exhibition, these two activities will carry show of cheongsam objective, large picture, cheongsam the form such as the performance reveals the sea to send dress culture.

Deputy mayor Ai Baojun attends the press conference yesterday.

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