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The evolution of latter-day and ballproof garment has appeared up to now 3 actin

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Protect equipment as an one people's air defense with be planted main, ballproof garment experienced what prevent fender to expect to metalloid synthesis material by metallic armor to transfer, expect by pure synthesis material to synthesis material and metallic armor plate, pottery and porcelain protects a process that waits for complex system development again.

Rudiment of human body armoured but date from comes ancient, primitive people is harmed to prevent the body, ever braided with natural fiber take the stuff that serves as chest-protector. The development of the weapon forces human body armor to must have corresponding progress. Be in early 19 centuries evening, the real silk that is used on Japan's mediaeval armor also is used on the ballproof coating that the United States produces. 1901, williams · Mai Kenlei's president is assassinated after incident happening, ballproof garment caused United States Congress fix eyes upon. Although this kind of ballproof garment can prevent the handgun bullet of low speed (play fast it is 122 meters / second) , but cannot prevent musket bullet. Then, in the the First World War, appeared to be dress liner with natural fiber fabric, match the ballproof clothing that makes with armor plate. Thick silk dress ever also was the main component of ballproof garment for a time. But, real silk is degenerative in entrenchment faster, this one blemish increases ballproof capacity finite the cost of high specified number with real silk, make real silk ballproof the garment got in the the First World War of American armament ministry desolate, fail to gain ground. In the Second World War, the power of shrapnel increased 80% , and in the wounded 70% get hurt because of trunk and die. Each join the Warring States, especially flower, beautiful two countries begins ground of do one's best to manufacture ballproof clothing. October 1942, ying Jun develops the bulletproof vest that succeeded to be comprised by armor plate of 3 tall manganese above all. And in 1943 year, american trial-produce and the ballproof coating that use formally have 23 to plant. The ballproof garment of this one period is main and ballproof material with special type steel. In June 1945, the U.S. Army develops the bulletproof vest of successful aluminium alloy and combination of excel in nylon, model is M12 dogface ballproof garment. Polyamide of among them nylon 66(formal name 66 fiber) it is to be invented at that time before long synthetic fibre, its rupture intensity (Gf/d: Gram force / dawn) for 5.9 ~ 9.5, initiative model is measured (Gf/d) is 21 ~ 58, specific gravity is 1.14 grams / (centimeter) 3, its intensity is cotton fibrous almost duple.

In Korea war, the T52 that beautiful army equiped to be made by 12 ballproof nylon complete nylon is ballproof the garment, and what the Marine Corps equips is M1951 horniness " much grand " glass reinforced plastics is ballproof vest, its weight is between 3.6 kilogram of 2.7 ~ . The ballproof garment that is raw material with nylon can provide the protection of certain level for the soldier, but volume is larger, weight also is as high as 6 kilogram. At the beginning of 70 time, one kind has quantity of model of extra high strength, freeboard, high temperature resistant synthetic fibre -- Kaifula (Kevlar) by American Du Bang (DuPont) company development is successful, got very quickly applied in ballproof domain. This kind of high-powered fibrous appears ballproof garment function raises emollient yarn fabric greatly, also improved the comfortable sex of ballproof garment greatly at the same time. The U.S. Army takes the lead in using Kevlar to make ballproof clothing, developed weight two kinds of model. New ballproof clothes gives priority to body material with Kevlar fiber fabric, make envelope with ballproof nylon cloth. Among them light-duty and ballproof garment is formed by 6 Kevlar fabric, middle-sized weight is 3.83 kilogram. As the implementation that Kevlar commercializes, the integral performance with good Kevlar makes its are in very quickly each country received wide application in legionary ballproof garment. The success of Kevlar and later special Wo Guan (Twaron) , Sipakete (of Spectra) appear reach its to be in the application of ballproof garment, the software that makes be a feature with high-powered spin fiber is ballproof the garment gradually be current, its use range already not military circles of be confined to, and expand gradually alarm bound and political circles. However, to high speed cartridge, especially the bullet that musket fires, dinkum software is ballproof the garment still is competent hard. For this, people is developed again gave soft strong compound pattern ballproof garment, serve as with fiber composite material enhance face plate or flashboard, in order to raise whole the ballproof ability of ballproof garment.
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