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Who invented the jeans?

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The enters the world to the United States Germany pauper of this Wei Strauss making a file changed the clad way of whole world

Is the jeans German invention? Really such -- this individual calls Liewei Strauss, it is a German pauper that enters the world to the United States at the outset.

When Liewei Strauss (Levi Strauss) when going 18 years old to the United States, he had not thought of at all, he can become the contriver of the most successful dress on the world in the future. He is Bavarian north small town only Budenghaimu a poor youth. His father is a butcher that walks along a street to string together alley, that nods income, raise the home to paper a mouth quite scarcely.

After father is dead, row dimension went to American san Francisco. He is first store of a general merchandise opened over, to gold digger people offer small articles of daily use, cloth to wait. The thing that was 1850 then.

Rely on inn of this wife and children not much Qian Ke earns. Row dimension observes very quickly a problem: Those gold digger and colliers need strong trousers. Then he invented the trousers of the cloth tailor that bears fruit with a kind. But, this kind of cloth is strong, but those suture often burst apart however. Then he begins to consult concerned expert.

According to him home town cloth ascends Haimuliewei Shitelaosibo Er of Luo Po of content house controller is special lady introduction, row dimension has itself of a client in those days is a tailor. This tailor thinks of an idea: Why need not does rivet come to those places of special entail much effort on consolidate trousers?

Pants of this kind of rivet prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan start shooting, special be very popular. But this tailor signs up for patent without Qian Qushen. At this moment, lieweijia was entered go in, 2 people declared patent together. Then, the jeans was born. In those days, this kind of trousers still is not blue, however brown waist of trousers reachs a waist high, there still is braces above.

At this moment, from French Buddhist nun suddenly Mu came a kind of new material, straightforward and strong, catch blue-black. The name of this kind of material for making clothes calls the Buddhist nun Mu blue.

New technology combines new material, at a draught with respect to make a great coup. The sartorial Yagebu Davis of invention rivet law at the beginning oneself are cut into parts makings, give next a few female tailor, housewife, let them be in him home tailor. But because demand is big breathtaking, before long, have two factories arise at the historic moment, the jeans entered the phase of professional production.

At the beginning, the jeans is dinkum work pants, all people that in the United States Daxibugan weighs physical strength to live wear it: Gold digger, bull-puncher, farmer. Very long later, specific say, till 20 centuries 30 time, the circumstance just produced change.
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