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Zhang Zhongxiang: The inheritance of Oriental dress culture

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In recent years, media is stylist, famous to 10 beautiful dress the Tang Dynasty drape of author of dress of auspicious style of outfit stylist, China, China the Tang Dynasty install the first person, China the Tang Dynasty the reportorial in an endless stream that installs Zhang Zhongxiang of artistic council vice director. Discuss as heat " the Olympic Games is formal 2008 what does dress wear " , and cause " contention of a hundred schools of thought " , form the focus that media pays close attention to, thrust of Mr Zhang Zhongxiang is worn on the Olympic Games the Tang Dynasty outfit, " the Tang Dynasty outfit is hot " push Xiangxin one round climax. Regard Beijing Heilongjiang enterprise as a member of chamber of commerce, we also have favour bring into contact with this legend character.

Last batches of people that division apprentice makes

Zhang Zhongxiang was born in northland to put a city on the ice 1953, 1971, year a Zhang Zhongxiang of 18 years old, those who resemble that period is all with age person same, middle school graduation began his professional career namely. Of coincidence is, all over angry Zhang Zhongxiang of Yang Gang entered Harbin city knitting mill -- the industry that this more in traditional industry idea region has Yin Rou distinguishing feature. Fortunately, zhang Zhongxiang became last batches of people that the division person that dispute gets fully in Chinese tradition makes, those who got a master worker is true pass.

"I am what China has a master last batches to had been taken is prentice! " the first word after meeting, let us astonish indeed. Look in him, having that paragraph of time that master handgrip hand teachs is the days that is benefited most in lifetime, it is far what academic ignored carries out is tell to discourse on an academic subject only in more traditional than now university those who come is actual.

21 years old, zhang Zhongxiang became workshop chairman. 1980, of this Harbin city knitting mill " ace benchwork " , " young shock worker " , of hammer of brandish of both hands be locked in a seesaw struggle, can double hand " generalist " , hear the news that the times changes, in the factory director " the whole people arouses " below catchword, moved toward the market bravely, became Harbin in base camp of this state-owend enterprise the earliest " go into business " clothing specialist. From now on, he leaves
the career that the dress boss like him legend adds stylist.

Found dress of Chinese auspicious style

The Zhang Zhongxiang after go into business is taking the design concept of rich design experience and lead, come to Fujian lion hill, open ever since one's birth factory of the first clothing. 1988, he is created successfully independently piece " auspicious child " fashionable dress brand, became a skin to install fashionable dress to change most foretaste water person.

Last centuries the later period in 90 time, zhang Zhongxiang organization established first pass an imperial examination exposition of dress of 2 Harbin international, it is below the proposal that Heilongjiang omits the director of committee of science and technology, Wang Shuguo that currently holds the post ofpresident of Harbin Institute of Technology at that time, developed dress CAS system jointly, go in the innovation forward position of garment industry. At the beginning of new century, zhang Zhongxiang collect takes the result that installs a design to experience for years, the craft of science and technology that machines traditional dress printing and dyeing of China craft and fashionable dress designs be in harmony at an organic whole, hair palpability is plunged into catch, wax printing, press the dress of science and technology such as to fold, drape, make gave dress of new science and technology to be sent -- dress of Chinese auspicious style.
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