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Dress of hand of torch of Beijing Olympic Games: White gives priority to outstan

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The graph is showing torch hand garment for model

Hand of Olympic Games torch takes outfit blueprint

In report occupied new network on January 16 coverage of network of the 29th Olympic Games official, press conference of circumstance of landscape of figure of relay of torch of Beijing Olympic Games is held in center of news of Beijing Olympic Games this afternoon.  

When the news spokesman Qu Yingpu of BOCOG torch center is introducing torch relay dress to design, say, dress designs the main component that is landscape of torch relay figure. International Olympic Games sets, the design element of torch relay dress should include Olympic mark of graph of core of relay of mark of 5 annulus mark, relay of Olympic Games emblem, torch, torch, colour and organization of torch relay partner.

Among them, torch hand dress should be given priority to with white, cannot appear any commercial marks. Dress of relay of torch of Beijing Olympic Games is mixed with case of Feng Wen, auspicious cloud atlas China is red to basically create an element, with " harmonious " to design a concept, pay attention to the unity of Olympic characteristic and Chinese traditional culture.

He says, cent of dress of relay of torch of Beijing Olympic Games is torch hand dress, protect run hand dress and staff member dress. The religion of the gas Hou condition during the basis moves and different country is used to the ground, torch relay dress is divided again for long, two short.

Dress of hand of torch of Beijing Olympic Games is severe the regulation of Olympic committee of comply with international, do not take any commercial signs, in white advocate on the foundation of base, highlight China's red colour, and unlined upper garment reachs shallow ash with orange, reflect the characteristic with torch enthusiastic, joyful relay. Wrong upper part of front of torch hand uniform is relay of torch of Beijing Olympic Games " igneous phoenix " mark, rear draw has an Olympic Games 5 annulus indicate and " Beijing 2008 " model of written characters. Dress is the design that insert a shoulder, design of Feng Wen of tradition of scale of humeral ministry asymmetry, clipper-built design is moved move is sharp, form the impression that igneous phoenix Zhen Chi is about to fly to. Phoenix the king that is lark, fire is belonged to in the five elements, be high happiness is indicative. Huge rock of Nie of the phoenix in Chinese traditional culture, desire the fokelore of igneous renascence is far-reaching. Hand of torch of Beijing Olympic Games will wear the uniform that Feng Laiyi, auspicious cloud winds around, hold high fire of Olympic Games emperor, ground of hand hand according to legend brings auspicious sign peace world each district.
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