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The characteristic of market of Chinese professional clothing and problem

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In recent years, dress of our country profession had greater progress and rise, appeared to provide the professional garment of industry characteristic in great quantities, outside removing military uniform and set of armed police dress, wait for various profession dress and cap of shoe of form a complete set like Wu of public security, railroad, court, industrial and commercial, procuratorial work, civil aviaton, security personnel, post and telecommunications, duty, traffic, bank, all sorts of profession dress can better land shows special occupational distinctive and alike.

Current, dress material already became the chief essential factor of professional dress; Had new material, just have new professional dress. The actor bad of professional dress quality, also depend on make type, the fabrics of the requirement must be in with complementary makings the respect such as sex of the exterior, action, processability, quality and price matchs. Conform to urge dress of our country profession and international standard, these should clutch research.

One, of the style design of dress of our country profession and material choose reach make wait for respect circumstance, can see a few apparent characteristics:

1. The militarization of professional dress

The development of martial science, promoted the improvement of martial style, and the changed to drive professional dress again innovation of military uniform style, make its beautiful the principle is in practical go up to be united with the majesty of the military uniform rise, drove a brand-new tide. Military uniform has convenient, comfortable, martial characteristic, and the advantage that military uniform has a variety of functions: It is the energetic of soldierly bearing of military uniform, have concise beauty; 2 it is military uniform has a variety of use, have extensive practical; 3 it is the characteristic that the dress on military uniform has the United States and practical photograph couple.

Design personnel absorbs these characteristics, play, evolve, sublimate application comes in the professional dress to new design, some criterion choose its just a little, try apply colours to a drawing, and most profession dress is by the personnel basis that pursues martial dress design professional characteristic is designed, contain the trace of military uniform. Some professional dress are mixed in fabrics even main on complementary makings unvarnished act accordingly, changed color only. Serious analysis studies this one trend, have profit to the design that the profession will take henceforth.

2. Dress material to the middle of hasten high-grade change

According to statistic, platoon of the wool spinning on run by the local people is advanced 10 country, pure wool product is occupied in gross of wool textile of 90 time metaphase 13% , the product of blending of high proportion wool that Mao Han measures 50% above is occupied 7% , low wool is mixed occupy 9% , rarefied fine product is occupied 71% . The specification is in international development, wool spinning product is pure wool and blending of high proportion wool rarely. However, numerous profession is taken, use generally contain 70% woolen Mao Di to mix the new breed such as Ji, Gong Sijin, clang Ji, content of some Mao Di blending are improved of new breed ceaselessly and update, be improved further and raised the exterior of professional dress and quality level.
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