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The characteristic of professional clothing - defend quality:

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Defend quality: Because the professional tool in professional clothing works environmental difference, the body that how protects work staff does not suffer the enroach on of the harmful element in work environment, improve and improve work efficiency, in order to make sure work staff finishs working job well and truly, completely, efficiently, different industrial dress has different function to defend requirement.
Oil industry dress should be had prevent oily, waterproof, moistureproof, and soda acid, breathe freely the characteristic with heat preservation, convenient activity; Chemical behavior dress should be provided acid alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, prevent heat radiation, flame retardant the function that breathe freely; Personnel of ground mining industry is worn outfit need to prevent the cold, heat preservation that lie between dirt, qualitative light, firm, durable, colour and lustre is bright-coloured; Coal industry dress needs dustproof, do electrostatic, do not stick dirt to wash Yi Gan pink, heat preservation, easily to pledge light, and informal lettle at the activity; Metallurgy trade dress is due and adiabatic, breathe freely soft, qualitative light functional sex; Nuclear industry professional clothing needs radiation-proof, prevent high temperature light and comfortable; Dress of Medical Protection trade needs to provide prevent bacterium, be able to bear or endure catharsis, be able to bear or endure the function of city lukewarm disinfection, soft, fitness; Electronic industry takes an antagonism the electrostatic, demand that prevents microwave is very high.

Be like the electrical engineering exercise in daily life to take again, must be isolated from, prevent rain, prevent strain of lumbar muscles and deploy uprise safety belt; Fireman needs " fully armed " Yin Ran of fire prevention heat insolation takes ability development a sea of fire; God is taken into the space suit of the ground, dive besides atmospheric pressure of cold-resistant, heat preservation, control, still need to deploy special oxygen for celebrating a system; Of security personnel escort in transportation ballproof take the assault that needs to keep out stray bullet. For the professional sportswear that the match uses, also special to defending the gender put forward requirement; The glove of boxing division protected the both sides of the match; The nacarat lifesaving vest of rowing athlete can let a fish be terrified by the sight of sth or sb; Special match takes the bicycle inside crotch design, add soft foam rubber or plastic, injure with preventing an athlete to grind; The kneecap that of all kinds match uses the athlete, helmet, chatelaine, glove, special shoe can prevent and reduce the harm that athletic process and environment cause. Defended object has very strong specific aim, professional, uniqueness.

Defend sexual design is comprised by many sided of the face Wei makings of professional clothing, fittings, accessory, colour. The pattern that takes like exercise is built normally the basis works state, good " 4 severe " col: Collarband severe, cuff severe, lap fathers with mouth of bottom of a trouser leg the modelling of all sorts of pockets should be ticked off mediumly with reducing operation tangle pull mix for the principle.
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