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6 law daughter install prototype

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Make at present board the method is as before: Stereo cut out and planar cartography these two kinds, no matter be which kind of methods, it is with human body the structure comes those who have model spread out for the foundation, design. Plane is made board the method can have a lot of kinds, make archetypally board means also because of enterprise, market, board model the style of stylist is different and different. It is to use which kind of honest legal system board not important, important is this board model the structure of whether appropriate human body, function, whether corresponding fabrics reachs craft.

We know human body is stereo condition, and the fabrics that uses the dress that make is plane however, the problem that so people often thinks is: How to use fabrics appropriately, union makes technology, transform plane of a planar into a three-dimensional stereo configuration. Making board we should be more in the process of the consideration is human body structure, just be the adjustment that considers planar structure after that.

The garment in jacket piece in prototype, the structure of line of bust line and waistline, hip circumference designs be a level. Model of prototype of net put oneself in another's position piece form: On wrong person stage, line of the center before reaching the BL of human body, WL, HL, princess line is stickup come out, human body in front right half part is divided into 6 models piece place, use next stereo cut out 6 models piece undertake sampling. The operation of the back after person stage and predecessor are same, those who need a specification is model of the back of a person piece the design also is person stage is right half body (around is corresponding) .

① is drawn first perpendicular before central line, bosom, abdomen, buttock on the 3 mark that surround a line. With respect to meeting discovery front door office appeared to cast aside pectoral affection instead
Besides. And everyday clothing is made board in before central line is suitable commonly straight.

② adjusts predecessor the first pattern plate, it is dot with BP anticlockwise rotate, until before central line becomes straight, right now front door of prothorax province decrescent can appear a soft volume.

After ③ piece model piece adjust: Go all out after closing piece 4, 5, 6 models piece with 1, the shoulder stays to save an amount in humeral place, after can detecting piece 4, 5,
Of 6 pattern plate 3 surround line and 1, 2, 3 be absent same on the line.
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