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The colour game of professional clothing

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The colour game of professional clothing

One, water ash of blue, red, yellow, water, famille rose insufflate of Chun Xia the office, let people experience vernal arrival. And the duty field colour of a few models is like brown, deep blue wait to still have a person to enrage.

2, clean-cut stripe coat

Have mature and elegant charm. The stripe that the male changes, in suit of the field that belong to duty make classically. No matter how vogue alternates, always can win the favor of a lot of elegant beautiful woman.

3, let board the coat about suit that suit becomes some more relaxed

Let a lot of female be troubled Yu Huai's is board outline, as concept of casual Zhou Wu faddish, people also is in it is the suit inside the office ceaselessly " decrease negative " .

4, the elegant choice of faulty bodily form

Receive the jacket with waist, full jacket or skirt slightly, have include very well quality. Nevertheless, so simple dress up, be about to see time on the little thing such as necklace, shoe. Deserve to go up the shoe of coffee has slender effect more.

For slim figure often young woman plans a lot of modern trademark suit, for the mature female that already produced trifling change to the figure, brand of a few in a popular style or it is special the pattern that the clothing of international famous brand that in the light of 30 years old of above mature female designs finds hide one's inadequacy by keeping quiet more easily.

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