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Professional clothing uses makings and style introduction

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Do professional clothing what to fabrics use? How to design a style?

Essence of life spins woollen is with pure sheep wool is given priority to, yi Ke is mixed it is certain to use proportional wool chemical fiber or other and natural fiber, via treatment of combing equipment technology, through be being combed for many times, close, draft, spinning, weaving, catch the high-grade clothing fabrics that rectify and makes. It has place of animal animal wool peculiar good flexibility, plasticity, distinctive shrink sex of cloth with soft nap and fight knit a gender, should absorb moisture or warmth retention property still is had after sweat fluid. Essence of life spins the hand-me-down of woollen fabrics make it, have soundly durable, long inside changeless form, because of having aurora appear grave all the more, slippery bright of quality of a material, the exterior is decorous, hold out draw together, tactility is plump, the style is classical, burnish nature is gentle wait for a characteristic, it is fabrics of first selection of high-grade professional clothing.
Essence of life spins common professional clothing woollen fabrics has the following kinds:
Gabardine: It is one of important breed that essence of life spins woolen cloth. It is organization of the 2 twill in on 2 commonly, twill angle shows 60 degrees or so. Have additionally bosseyed, double-faced the cent of the back that reach damask.
Style characteristic: the face is bright and clean level off, not cottony, grain clarity is erect, gauze lines works even, feel slippery glutinous, plump loose, body spirit flexibility is good, strong wear-resisting. Fabric weight overcomes the left and right sides in 280~400 of every square metre commonly, burnish nature is gentle, without aurora, appear relatively grave.

Serge: Serge is the traditional breed that essence of life spins woolen cloth. It is on 2 2 double-faced twill commonly. Warp density is more than filling density slightly, twill angle is controlled in 45 degrees, oblique plane lines is distinct, grain path is wider, majority is piece dyeing, with navy most general. The cent of other glazed side and wool face.
Style characteristic: Shade is downy, feel is rich and generous, body spirit flexibility is good, soundly durable, groovy fabric weight is gram of 225~300 of every square metre about.

Fancy suiting: Fancy suiting is essence of life spins design and color of the breed in woolen cloth the product with most, the richest organization. The chromatic yarn that uses all sorts of combing, design and color twists thread, embed a line to make classics pick, apply tabby, twill, become inclined or mix via the 2 change that wait for an organization again combination, can make the face appears all sorts of, case, small jacquard weave and color concealed effect. If by its weight can divide thin model, in thick model, thick model fancy suiting 3 kinds:
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