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The characteristic of professional clothing

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1. is practical
The main character performance of dress is in its material and mental sex two respects. Of professional clothing practical strong the biggest characteristic that is fashionable dress of discriminative ground life. Since be the dress that wears from course of study, from the point of the mental sex of dress, professional clothing must be helpful for establish and strengthening the professional ethic from personnel of course of study, education respects course of study to love the spirit of hillock. Put on professional clothing, people is about ground of body and mind throws the job, make every employee with one one's heart responsible, enhance working responsibility heart and collective sense.
Practical professional clothing should get used to different working environment, the demand that accordingly its design makes sex of due and a lot of particular function and restrict. On the choice of material, to satisfy the property that the industry works, want to consider the academic performance of material integratedly. Biology function. Simple sense. Treatment function; Style design should be a basis with working feature, the construction is reasonable, colour is appropriate, any too modern. Spend spruce design. Deserve to act the role of must bring into specific working environment to restrict in; On the treatment that make, the requirement cuts out accurate. Sew is firm. Norms date all ready. Whole very hot finalize the design level off. Pack delicate and good.

Economy is durable it is practical another aspect. The stylist half of professional clothing is a businessman, even he must haggle over every ounce to its cost accounting, even if be,one is twisted buckle. A lace. Mark of look forward to of a badge. Good in quality and cheap in price the characteristic that is major professional clothing, just be told from the client, the charge of custom-built professional clothing is beforehand estimated; Make from the design square for, the fashionable dress that has resembled season impossibly also is hit considerably in that way fold, must assure its primary floor level gain. Accordingly, below the premise that makes sure quality asks, should as far as possible price is reasonable, one garment is worn more, reduce the burden of use enterprise and clothing company itself and cost.

2. Artistic quality

Dress serves as a functional art, the first purpose that its design, depend on coming with dress and decorations beautification dress person configuration, all show its beautiful posture trait, make up for the skimpy share of human body beauty at the same time. The artistic quality that professional clothing designs looks from the perceptual element of dress itself, it is the model that makes dress art beauty. Colour. Material. Craft. Popular the integrated consideration that wait, professional clothing stylist needs all-around to make an on-the-spot investigation, research profession is worn the object of outfit. Circumstance. Purpose. Professional sex. Psychology. The demand of physiology, put forward first-rate to devise plan thereby.
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