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4 kinds of of professional clothing clad plan

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·Want to wear a fine good figure:
Be apart from too wide stripe, no matter be straight,stripe or horizontal stripe all can have enlarge effect; Distance moderate, regular reduplicative, successive horizontal stripe and twill, all have contractive effect, like western pear bodily form beautiful woman can try twill skirt, beautiful woman of strawberry bodily form suits dress twill jacket. As to straight grain trousers, it is beautiful with pencil pinstripe, not only good collocation, also won't arise " enlarge " the effect.
·Want to wear piece handsome and cheesy:
Stripe dress is had " cheesy " language, OK and formal OK also and recreational. It is common that stripe jacket adds the jeans dress up, the coat of Dan Ning cloth that covers on one to have qualitative feeling, practical have both with vogue; The stripe jacket collocation of beautiful of simple good stuff reachs genu skirt classically or be business suit pants, let you contain in chastening dress going to work cheesy.
·Want to wear a young woman like namby-pamby:
The person with meticulous show of thin silk of small, facial features suits framework pinstripe design, especially the color between stripe belongs to the department that be the same as color or subdued neuter color, can build the sense that gives soft beauty; Contrast conversely kind of intense stripe dress, suit agile and easy individual character to send a woman.
·Want to wear piece dignified and easy:
The pencil pinstripe suit of neuter color or ocean are installed, it is pink is gotten a group of things with common features can behave the job very much spell able, do not break the dress of feminine flavour again however. The combination of stripe cotton shirt and trousers of neuter business suit, twill line unlined upper garment is tie-in and plain coloured piscine end skirt, it is simple dress up outstandingly again. Starlike small hairpin, suit to be placed on the side hair of both sides most, must not place at the same time, the most popular clip way is to be on clip of a side jackknife. The hair that pulls curls, suit classic hairpin. Colour avoid is bright-coloured, mature charm is shown in if concealed is like,showing. Topping green horsetail, suit hairpin of this kind of fluffy most. Red, blue, gold is trichromatic and tie-in, cause strong visual impact.

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