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Formation of a primary school in Changsha "Juvenile government" reporter dress

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A primary school in Changsha, a group of 8-10 year-olds formed a "children's government." And government agencies, as "Children Government" consists of a mayor and two deputy mayors, also has Ji Jianwei, the courts, the Public Security Bureau, virtue Bank, Health, Sports Council, the Tourism Bureau, the Department of Transportation and the Radio and TV nine departments. Which the Mayor chaired the overall work, the two vice mayor in charge of four departments in the sector also has a deputy and officer. Dressed in business wear like leadership "Reporter sister, welcome to our school." Morning of December 3, "Children's government" the little officials and journalists are welcome to come dressed in business wear. Blue uniform with their upper body suit, beige skirt and tie with girls, boys wear trousers and tie, looking mature than their peers, in particular, leadership Fan children. Guo Yixi sixth grade is "Children Government" and "number one" mayor, responsible for inspection, review the work of various departments, she skillfully presented to reporters one by one his "subordinates." She has served as Secretary for Tourism, the new term in September this year, "Children's government" competitive selection, the elected mayor. Cao Xin Yuan fifth grade, a former Director of Tourism, this year successfully promoted to the Secretary. Li Kaijie the youngest officials, just the third grade he became Transportation Secretary. Took office two months "achievement" a lot of This session of the "Children Government" Although it took more than two months, but we have said he was not "illusory." Mayor Guo Yixi check our daily meals and bedtime, dinner speech, the phenomenon of students improved. The Secretary of Health and the Director-General Chang Ying Ying in their daily lunch shifts, to stop the phenomenon of poor hygiene. Bank President Hu Ye wave virtue some "real power", if students have bad manners, he would lose his virtue points; otherwise be a plus. Cao Kun Hao Public Security Bureau in the school cafeteria more than to jump the queue stopped, fighting the phenomenon, Department of Transportation Secretary Li Kaijie are checked daily calisthenics on down the order. Students on the "Children government" are more satisfied with the work. Class cadre of "remuneration" 11 sixth grade classes in the school, as well as a special management approach: issue "legal tender" class currency. Luo Yongyuan to the class by the class teacher assigned tasks in accordance with the work set a good wage level of difficulty, every Monday knot. Wang Yuan who monitor the highest salary: 2500 RMB classes / week, followed by the vice squad: Class of 2000 dollars / week, the head of: 1800 Class S / week, clean the blackboard, working out the trash and other students, but also can be class currency. Accordingly, the class leader is not responsible will be deducted class currency. In this regard, the famous psychologist Hunan Dani has done statistics, more than 70% of children have the desire to shift cadre or an officer, the teacher should carefully guide, do not let students into the "power worship" in error.