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Girls wear the temptation to offer Samsung photo frame business gift

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Samsung Digital Photo Frame Price For business people, business image is very important. In the course of commercial reciprocity, also need careful preparation business gifts, whether it is sent in the company annual meeting, or at the end of cooperation given to show appreciation to customers. Good gifts, is representing the company's image, professional and trustworthy ... ... from the young girl has contracted Samsung IT, IT products have become more user-friendly and sexy in here, take a look at the recommended age for girls sweet business gift - Samsung Knight frame SPF-800P/1000P. Samsung Digital Photo Frame 800P/1000P the industry as "Knight", not only because of its unique "Knight" base design, this frame is more because the overall performance of noble disposition. As Samsung's flagship high-end products, not only looks beautiful atmosphere, functionality is also very high-tech fashion sense, whether it is a selection of material, or a rich, personalized smart technology, all can be described as a rare digital products. The most impressive than the "Knight" series that different base design. Breakthrough in stent design and the unique traditional design folding base, and touch buttons placed on the base of Stars in front of the dark stars will shine when the touch of a finger, people look to never forget it. And its appearance reveals a crystal-clear material, more than three weeks before the exclusive use of sulfur crystal technology (TOC) of the TOS more advanced technology, apart from the addition of a layer of beautiful scratch, durable and functional, more humane and practical higher. This also allows 800P/1000P in the same market with other products separately, more competitive. In the technical aspects of most worth mentioning is that Samsung Digital Photo Frame 800P/1000P using LED-backlit display, no mercury, lead-free LED-backlit panel, with the current pursuit of "low carbon" life happens to coincide with fashion attitude , to use quite a sense of the times. Samsung's LED screen is not only to "knight" green frame, reducing energy consumption, but also ensure the screen slim and beautiful, people put it down. Secondly, the "Knight" series also has excellent display, and a variety of audio and video playback, photos, apart from enjoying better enjoy multiple entertainment. Frame also has Bluetooth 2.0 technology, but also for data transmission, so that images can be saved at any time and browse, convenient and stylish, comes with remote control equipment, technology lifestyle. The frame is almost tailor-made for business people, cool look directly reflect the extraordinary taste of the user. Excellent texture and high-tech applications, but also to this frame in the business gifts of ability.