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Design Competition designer wear fashion ideas to promote the Award by the Sha

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26 am, as the first China Textile City Fashion Week highlights one of the creative professional fashion designer contest 2010 China finals in the apparel market, China Textile City start, the 29 series of works onto the T-station display. Finally, from the works of Zhang Shanshan Jiangxi Institute of Clothing Technology, "Margaret born again" won a gold medal, and won 8 million of the "leading awards show." The county has been committed to the textile due to the development of creative industries, was awarded the "creative fashion to promote the Award . " China Textile Industry Association vice president of Sun Rui Zhe, deputy secretary of the county, County Sun Yunyao, executive vice president of China Fashion Color Association, Liang Yong, vice president of China Textile Commerce Association Penggui Fu, deputy director of the county People's Congress Zhang Health Jian, deputy governor Zhou Shusen, county CPPCC Vice-Chairman Xingbo Sheng, attended the ceremony. Children of China Textile News chairman Qi, County Standing Committee, deputy governor of Ma Fang Mei delivered speeches respectively. China Professional Fashion Designers Contest 2010 by the China Fashion Designers Association, China Textile News host, Shaoxing County People's Government. The competition to "a more open China" is the theme behind the brand to explore Creative design talent, to promote the creative design force for the purpose of leading the trend of creative life. Also through the race continues to mature and develop creative boost textile and garment industry base Keqiao incubation, the fashion creative mentioning L China Textile City in the international industrial chain on the right to speak. Competition from Japan, South Korea, Canada, 7 designers participating countries and regions. Contest judges were from more than 1,500 works, 29 works selected yesterday to enter the finals series. In addition to the final selection of a gold, two silver and three bronze, but also the network were selected out of the most popular and most With commercial potential, the most media attention, the best idea, best technology and top ten designers, the International Memorial Award and other awards. It is reported that, in order to accelerate the introduction of personnel, to promote the development of creative industries, textile city, and promote transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, creative industry base in China Textile City will participate in the finals of all players, provided free of charge at the base One-year "zero-cost creative studio."