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Wear China Impression: ignore the growing homogenization of branding

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Three decades of reform and opening up, China's economic development surging, rising international status, influence, increasingly powerful, take-off in the three decades, China's world and the world to China, have left the impression of what? Standing on Wall Street, one of the world's economic center, the same clothes Gelv, confident and passionate full of smiles, the 21st century, China has integrated into the world, the world left behind in the process of China's image, but mention has been hidden behind many famous enterprises in China's wear industry. From the late seventies of last century with the sustainable development of Chinese social economy, and closer international standards, the enterprise is not only soft wear brand names, as well as professionals have to work gradually become an essential product - the image has a business career enjoys popular support. "Wear" Although it can be traced back to the history of Xia and Shang Dynasties, but the concept of the true form and the rise of the industry is well developed in the reform and opening up a small number of urban hotels, the hotel industry, with the increase in business activities, to the ninety years, the concept of wear eventually replaced the traditional deep-rooted concept of "labor service", "clothes" has become international, and domestic business activities necessary to enhance the image of magic. Today, China is not only the world's largest consumer of clothing, is the world's largest apparel producer. It is regrettable that, around the world clothing, Armani, Zegna, Versace, Louis Vuitton brand so popular no one from China, how to create a high brand value of clothing? How to build a world-class fashion brand? Comprehensive national strength, China has ranked second in the world, what to give the world an impression of China? China's garment enterprises, in particular, closely linked with business activities in China wear industry, long way to go ... ... No lack of creativity in China, but no lack of imitation ability, when the productivity, product technology, labor costs have been recognized by the world the moment, China's wear companies also face the growing homogenization of products, lack of innovation, market competition the severe deterioration of the situation.