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Wear industry the collective appearance window

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Yesterday, the City create civilized activities of the Steering Committee Jiuzi Piazza "window display industry employees wear" activities. 20 units from all walks of life the city more than 40 staff dressed in bright, standard wear collective appearance. In striving for the national civilized cities, the window industry is one important part of the window industry standard wear is one of standardized services, focused on window units reflects the corporate culture. To improve people's satisfaction with the window industry, and improve standardization of service standards, in recent years, the city attaches great importance to the window industry, the work of civilization, civilized city in strict accordance with the national evaluation of the window industry conditions, to develop standardized service standards, promoting the window industry wear. The demonstration activities, to participate in the various units made careful preparations for their performances on behalf of employees, and fully demonstrated the spirit in our city the window industry.