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Third China wear brand selection announced the top ten lead

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It is learned from the China Industry Association of wear: wear every four years, China has announced the top ten lead brand selection, should Wo, Ltd. and other companies won ten special name.

Since 1998, the first Chinese wear Expo, the Chinese wear business in accordance with the new mode of operation of the market, formed a company backed by hundreds of thousands of business wear, business wear to hundreds of thousands of unity and cooperation of enterprises wear based on the team, and from small to large, from less to more, from weak to strong force gradually formed an industry, and the unprecedented scale of specialization, so wear clothing from more than 40 separate categories, open the wear new industry.

To wear his own name to build enterprises in China brand, the majority of enterprises with their actual wear to the party's congress to implement changes proposed in economic development, to achieve theoretical innovation, technological innovation, to achieve sound and rapid development, as important task before us, vigorously carry out product innovation and brand innovation. Practices to make them aware: wear industry to develop and create their own brand, we should be able to endure loneliness. The initial stage of market economy, the impetuosity of the community is very prominent, quick success, mercenary, intrigues, and in all sectors have the performance. New wear industry become bigger and stronger, it is necessary in the "growing", the "start small" sense to do the brand, single-minded development. They firmly establish a people-oriented business philosophy, keeping in mind their social responsibility, integrity and win customer trust, quality and hard to win passes broad market, made good economic, but also achieved a better social benefits. This time, the brand led the Chinese wear the title of the top ten companies are the brand in the entire industry leader in innovation and outstanding achievements. Among them, Yixing Wo Co., Ltd. is the lead reelected three wear brand in China, Shanghai Jade Emperor Alto Garments Co., Ltd. has two list.