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The Olympic Games subdues formal young lady to groom base sees a belle be like t

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Zhao Dongming of minister of ministry of BOCOG culture activity says, beijing Olympic Games awards prize formal volunteer will choose 380, basically come from Beijing each college. Their height goes to 178 centimeters 168 centimeters, the age arrives 18 years old 25 years old, figure standard, well-balanced, have firm demand to their temperament, posture, skin, integrated quality. These coming that attend an Olympic Games formal groomed schoolgirl age is in mostly 16-18 one full year of life, will accept strict Olympic Games knowledge and formal outfit training here, among them a few lucky person will appear 2008 on the prize-giving celebration of the Olympic Games.

Award prize formal groom and empty elder sister grooms roughly identical, nevertheless even stricter, every detail nots allow to have the slightest amount or degree careless. Appearance of the body when awarding prize to let formal young lady more forceful, pace fast more reach the designated position, face about more orderly, smiling expression is more natural, appearance of the station in grooming, walk, pace fast, face about, smile every movement should disclose a practice thousands of second.

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