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2007 industry of Chinese professional clothing 10 big news

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News of Chinese spin network 2007, frequency of good news of trade of Chinese professional clothing is passed, trade major issue invigorates popular feeling. Recently, association of industry of Chinese professional clothing, chinese professional clothing net, monograph of Chinese professional clothing rolled out the 10 big news of industry of Chinese professional clothing jointly.

One. Delegacy of entrepreneur of Chinese professional clothing visits Japan again. The delegation of entrepreneur of Chinese professional clothing that leads by association of industry of Chinese professional clothing, came 27 days to inspect a visit to what Japan had a week of by a definite date on March 21, 2007. Held Sino-Japanese professional clothing to develop to the speech is met and communicate early or late meeting, delegacy still goes to Japanese professional clothing to produce base---Japanese Hiroshima undertook the famous professional clothing of city produces enterprise XEBEC company visiting was visittinged is located in hill of Hiroshima county blessing, and visited combination of industry of Hiroshima county garment, interviewed the director that believe ridge, Zun Teng only Wu director.

2. Entrepreneur of Chinese professional clothing peak own brand construction and innovation height forum reached meeting and professional clothing enterprise 19 days to be held in big talk on November 17. Outstanding emperor of limited company of dress of profession of peaceful wave waxwing, Shanghai inferior hold dress limited company, Nantong in the palm inferior fine inferior the unit such as dress academy, introduced them to build the successful experience of the respect and experience in the brand respectively, be built to pushing the brand of Chinese professional clothing energetically and innovate independently, enhance the core competition ability of professional clothing industry, make the industry grows to enjoy the high additional cost that brand place brings morely, more support brand is driven and be not pure support to compare an advantage to drive an enterprise to develop the sense that has profundity.

3. Horse and foot is changed send 07 type military uniform. Military uniform of horse and foot adjusted deploy of reform job conference on July 3 military uniform of horse and foot adjusts reform to work and new-style dress is held to extend in Beijing military region ceremony, the mark is worn horse and foot is changed send 07 type military uniform to work to begin formally. Since horse and foot united military uniform to make type 1950, my army undertook military uniform reform 12 times adjust early or late. It is the most large-scale transhipment of through cargo on my army history this, involve formal attire, mufti, make example take with mark dress 4 series in all 644 breed, also be my army the most comprehensive, most the system, most successful military uniform reform.

4. 10 years celebration series activity starts Chinese professional clothing. Chinese professional clothing develops celebration series activity 10 years to will be held at was in Tianjin in April next year, the activity starts a ceremony in entrepreneur of professional clothing of the 5th China the peak is met go up to be started formally. 10 years content of celebration series activity is abounded, 10 years development achievement is exhibited, in high-quality goods is revealed, performance of development forum, dress, Sino-Japanese communication, get army (enterprise) the character is chosen, the company that prominent female entrepreneur and Chinese professional clothing have development latent capacity most is chosen will make series activity window.
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