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The enterprise makes the clothing end of the year busy intermediate uniform dema

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Medium and small businesses consumes intent forecast end of the year

Every are each are subdued greatly eventually year after year when custom-built company is most active, they hold high the brand embark upon a political venture that promotes an enterprise image, wantonly the uniform order for goods of the industry such as include general merchandise, restaurant, factory.

"At present industry differentiates brighter and brighter, more enterprise is worn to employee outfit raise taller requirement, develop a business with dress the practice of distinctive spirit scene is most outstanding. " the boss that bag gentleman is store of a clothing, and the partner that he still has an identity to subdue a production factory namely. He thinks, because they can make the clothing,most enterprise chooses custom-built company is not just, and can set out from company image because of them, have the support that integral CI designs, can give the uniform that accords with case of enterprise characteristic zephyr around enterprise CI design.

"When we are offerring dress to devise plan to the client, the fabrics of different class, different price offers meeting attach referenced choice. " Mr Li reveals limited company of dress of figure of Shanghai head beautiful say, current and intermediate uniform most get business reception, price is business suit normally 4, 100 yuan 5 or so, the shirt is controlled 50 yuan. "It is batch production commonly, business suit a few acceptability order, the order that we receive goes to thousands of to have from hundreds of. " he expresses, to custom-built clothing manufacturer, do not have the cent of apparent weak busy season, but the end of the year is the fastigium issueing sheet that has demand company commonly.

Statistic makes clear, the business amount that the organization subdues achieves 5 times of brand shop turnover on average. The expert thinks, in the uniform custom-built demand increases quickly while, the administrative levels that subdues demand also presents the state of diversification, more and more enterprises realise the uniform has the effect that cannot replace to promoting an enterprise image, the high-grade uniform of essence of life of actor of tall, quality, work is in design content market of our country uniform already occupied position, the market is had rate year after year rises.

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