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Popularity of raise city female measures a body to decide an uniform to install

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The reporter monitors a center to learn from case of Yangzhou market price, today real silk of market of fabrics of summerly our city, flax, complete cotton sings a leading role. Double cease between date, a street subdues the fabrics of the road in prosperous of our city article surely in all install nearly 2000.

On May 13, the Lu Songjing in Yu Wenchang of reporter v/arc be on the throne a street sees the our city fabrics of two side, business of store of many 10 fabrics is prosperous, the fabrics that accompany of a lot of lady in threes and fours will come to to here him choose and buy love. Every inn has his distinguishing feature here, if save bank of family name cloth,do a cheongsam to be nodded to sell with essence of life. One is telling a reporter in the bride of custom-built cheongsam, "The cheongsam that wears bright red look on wedding more show festive atmosphere, and real silk fabrics 250 yuan, treatment expends 90 yuan, save a lot of money than buying gauze of a marriage. Stay after wedding making commemoration day also is very significant. Stay after wedding making commemoration day also is very significant..

In area of Han Lingyuan scene, director Xia Meizhen introduces, a lot of other place tourists see the tourist guide is worn Chinese take special love, ask where to be in succession custom-built, how to buy.

According to analysis of manager of a few stores, a lot of in senile woman because bodily form grow stout, buy very hard gratified flexibly dress, add hand-me-down price on the high side, to satisfy client requirement, hired dress stylist to measure a body for special client especially custom-built, everyday cloth sells even more 10 thousand yuan, calm uniform installs about a hundred. Attend community singing to surpass Ms. Li to say: "Like me this kind slants fat bodily form, it is very difficult to want to buy a fit silk clothes, custom-built dress not only formfitting and the half that the price is hand-me-down, very be to one's profit. Very be to one's profit..

A senior dress stylist introduces, in abroad calm uniform installs ten billabong to go, basically be indication individual character and air. And in home as a result of on the high side of price of the hand-me-down inside bazaar, the client must choose cloth store custom-built. Current the our city is ordered do costume market to tell, the dress that still lacks heavyweight designs Great Master act according to actual circumstances, raise the fashionable sex of the market. According to connoisseur analysis, the quantity subdues outfit general to become fashion surely personally, produce certain impact to hand-me-down market.

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