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Female CEO uses glamour " uniform " male deputy always

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  Want to let man submit to, what female CEO must know a man is idiosyncratic

A woman need not beautiful, but cannot do not have glamour absolutely. Times of CEO new glamour, what kind of part is the glamour of female CEO acting after all in business management?

The CEO of the enterprise is just like all to get 1000 army the command of 10 thousand horses, want to score a success in intense competition, not only should have the capacity that devise clever strategies, and should make deputy summation other subordinate people adore you, admire you, follow of ground of then be dead set you, obedient your management. And glamour, just about by inside and outside send out those who come out this kind attracts others, move others, infection others, your others is content with the thing of submit to. Although CEO the authority with this one adherent and special position, but outstanding CEO more the glamour that is good at applying oneself will have business management.

Female CEO how does brandish of ground of do a job with skill and ease asperse glamour? How make the male deputy with glamour always people submit to, promote the development of the enterprise, help the government of power company?

  Glamour law one, tender feelings is like water -- with the female idiosyncratic your deputy total submit to

Lin Juan is Zhejiang the CEO of the building materials enterprise of a little famous energy of life, she says she is very painful, because of the enterprise deputy always people be like the ground to change like a lantern with paper cut figures of men. She says helplessly: I treat them attentively really, why do they always make me disappointed? Speak of oneself, lin Juan thinks, the asexuality on duty field, so her job rises to resemble a man, anxious when, disposition is very irratable also. She says, it is not easy that the woman makes a career, ten million cannot let others feel you are weak, good bully.

Lin Juan made female CEO just about people the mistake that makes the most easily: Too " hard " , too " firm " . Female CEO is OK and firm, OK and tenacious, but ten million cannot " firm " the gender is dye-in-the-wood. Regretful is, although Chinese business circles is female CEO is not much, outstanding person more very few can count, but the female CEO of great majority manages subordinate in the means that uses a man, return than the man even man.

Common saying says, water does the wife, the woman is the oldest idiosyncratic it is tender feelings is like water. How to let men help you better, assist a ruler in governing a country you? Best method develops the female's soft one side namely, care him, include him. This also is female CEO tarry a kind of of outstanding talent effective method. Female CEO always should remind him: I am a woman! What should use a wife is idiosyncratic will be in charge of high with the male and communicate. With the woman peculiar method goes " uniform " man, this ability is the method that can develop female CEO glamour truly.
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