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Clew: How to search dress to subdue Wu surely

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One, with dress custom-built the appearance shop that is fascia is very little. To emphasize illicit close sex, at the same time also to save fund, custom-built inn does not face dress commonly broad market, it is however in office building, high-grade community. You can knock directly go in. Also can inquire through network search advanced dress is custom-built.

2, before going, had wanted, do oneself prepare to acquire what dress? Perhaps hit calm idea to do only first, try a feeling. The business that at present custom-built inn place admits very much advanced hand-me-down is daily outfit has both with formal attire. But also can have what give priority to in order to make ceremonial robe or dress, namely you should have done formal attire to just may do daily outfit for you first. Want to had understood first so.

3, the fabrics that atelier offers has a characteristic quite commonly, but won't press commonly " how many money a meter " will quote, majority is newspaper hand-me-down price.

4, the satisfaction that the appraisal to him stylist will decide to you enjoy this service is spent.

1, after large quantities of hand-me-down that if stylist lets you look,display in the room, recommend, or should your requirement is made for you among them the dress of a certain design, what this inn place does is " half custom-built " . Because true advanced hand-me-down is custom-built,must make a change according to the particular case of everybody.

2, the hand-me-down that display is to reveal " charge for the making of sth. " , the symmetry that consumer wants to see flatness of sutural, fabrics, design and color...

3, as main as the communication of stylist content is: The circumstance that place of the be fond of of your individual, be fond of of life limits, profession, husband, dress should appear, so you should have enough much time.

4, when should discussing specific design, stylist should be communicated through drawing draft and you. After reaching an agreement with respect to design, fabrics when both sides, want to make deposit commonly. Winter clothing is opposite more expensive, the summer is relatively cheap.

5, the base model that tries the dress according to conventional time, make money right now neat. It is good to change 9 times again commonly.

6, dress price depends on the design of complexity of fabrics, charge for the making of sth. , design. Can discuss the value with stylist, he (she) the form that perhaps can make with the member offers privilege -- 10 thousand yuan of card are enjoyed a few fold, 20 thousand yuan of card are enjoyed a few fold etc. You should do good psychology to prepare.

7, the price of daily outfit is, cotton shirt 339 yuan -- cashmere coat differs 10 thousand yuan up and down. And formal attire, skirt of small formal attire may be less than 1000 yuan to be done calm, dan Wanli is taken should be commonly on thousands of yuan of line.
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