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Top class and custom-built dress decodes the male (group plan)

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Why to want custom-built?  

Peter Meier says: "Since the business suit that had a tailor hind, come a few years, he did not have something made to order again, feel quite accurate.  

Lie between 3 difference however 5, this kind costly desire returns meeting return, call you cannot help doing sth, expecting to spend the time on one morning, roam between all sorts of cloth. Roam between all sorts of cloth..

One year Zhou Rangren of high the latest fashion knew two Paris true luxury.  

The several dollars such as Christian Dior, Valentino, Chanel, Armani Prive although custom-built clothes is unique, but because the price does not poor,make owner bright bright. Besides the star distinguished personages that performs art bound, fashionable bound, the middle east is partly greatly very in chasing after the person that hold in both hands lady of Haute Couture people, as a result of the relation with consuetudinary religion, because interest is made,they buy these expensive clotheses to act the role of is at all collect with, perhaps be to show off oneself financial capacity at all, and won't wear their swagger through the street forever. Of the design that these collect provide originality most and the most careful do manual work China take final also be almirah only in silent person.

But, the destiny of custom-built class men's clothing is not such. Normally the circumstance falls, male people is for grade with character choice is custom-built, in the final analysis, the purpose of custom-built men's clothing still is used " wear " , and " often wear " , decoration of and rather than, collect the content that taste or shows off. Custom-built men's clothing won't be gotten on by the coronal from beginning to end " gewgaw " renown, will suffer no longer otherwise bestow favor on.

Custom-built consumption group

Member of each country royal family is afraid is calm uniform the most faithful top-level client group. And British royal family is boost red custom-built business " big benefactor " . Want in those days, duke of British lukewarm Sha is paying attention to the comfortable and free feeling of outfit especially, because this has to custom-built favour,add, also make the Savile Row of London (street of advanced and custom-built business suit) alive group gave a name, england suit of the most top class gent is here custom-built.  

Attend generally of all kinds prize-giving ceremony, walk along red carpet, the formal attire of most male star also can ask famous stylist or the brand measures a body to have something made to order for its. And although not be spokesman, star also has origin of 1000 kinds of 10 thousand kinds of manage to become custom-built faithful embrace frown. They need bright move to install, need spotless image. It is additionally in teleplay of a few films, also the brand sponsors custom-built play to take, if be in masses consumer, the loving and custom-built, delegate that man of above estate elite produces in enjoying custom-built crowd to be: The senior husband of governmental official, big company, senior attorney, advanced accountant, financier, banker... have tall record of formal schooling, high position, good-paying they do not hope their successful figure defeats the suit in drape of ministry of a shoulder, trousers length to be cut out walk by later period apparently forever seam.
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