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Speed is the key of success or failure of custom-built dress sale

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Will tell from the process with current product, custom-built sale and design sale have essential distinction. Sortie subdues the company that holds sale domain surely, must carry the characteristic ability establish oneself in an unassailable position that understands here aspect.

Press the common law that modern dress sells, the time that company product appears on the market has been decided. Design, purchase, the time that machine and extends chooses forward elapse according to specific time. Theoretic, design cycle can shift to an earlier date without limit, procurement cycle also can be lengthened according to the need of the enterprise, want the raw material with enough put apart to purchase only, manufacturing cycle is OK.

And custom-built sale is different, when signing contract of purchase and sale, date of delivery basically died surely, and of contract of purchase and sale signing date just is design production cycle begin a drop. The time concept inside this is very strong, because the client often won't leave custom-built enterprise too much time,will make elaborate preparation.

Above all, design work requirement is fast, accurate. Design plan is completed inside the shortest time, and should have the capacity that revises quickly according to client demand, otherwise, before signing formal contract, custom-built contract is snatched possibly by other mate.

Next, fabrics is purchased should fast and accurate. This requirement enterprise at ordinary times the supplier resource with many and effective scrape up. Of fabrics purchasing is the key that profit reachs, and machining the manufacturing time with enough business to fabrics is avoid high specified number is urgent the most effective method of charge, even if is to purchase the grooviest fabrics, the time money with enough put apart compares 3 also is management groovy method.

Finally, must have agile and fast treatment system, the reason is very simple, in the client group of custom-built sale, in the final analysis is comprised with individual natural person, often can change custom-built plan because of the abrupt change inside short time. For instance, because of be added newly or reduce employee amount and cause custom-built amount and measures change, still can appear even short-term inside the change that physiology changes and affects custom-built measure. This moment, agile and fast production reacts the system produces effect, not only can increase client satisfaction to spend, still can increase extra income even.

Will tell from the angle of whole industry ERP, custom-built sale is in SCM (supply catenary government) the demand of the respect is stronger. Of course, besides the construction that enhances whole industry iformation flow, still method of a lot of science and technology can help an enterprise accelerate rate, increase reaction capacity.

For instance: CAD system and system of design match colors introduce in designing a process, can imitate is true dress effect, avoid custom-built sale business to purchase the process such as overmuch fabrics galley proof and garment of sample of the dress that make.
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