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The law sends the whole journey sale of brand of large-scale custom-built dress

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"Gentleman, the amount of the form that chooses the fabrics that you like, design, color, collar please, pocket, need is buckled 3 times or 4 are buckled, do not open fork... "

It is under the guiding of brand shop young lady, all sorts of requirements of a suit that you want are inputted on computer, you can be pleasant to the eye to wearing the effect to what imitate comes out from the monitor of computer directly, if you are dissatisfactory, still can continue to change the content of each choice, till you him feeling puts on this to cover a suit till Tang of very can decent, cheesy Ti.

Fill good registration form, wait for the left and right sides on 10 days, on the door that the brand shop that you can send to the law directly goes to take or waiting for a staff member to send you the suit in the home.

This is those who come from industry of lukewarm city garment is new " Wen Zhou mode " .

Large-scale custom-built

The law sends large-scale custom-built project is hall of Zhejiang province science and technology and province classics trade appoint pilot project. Do lot with mass production, efficient way custom-built, contented client is changed, the tide that personalized demand is garment industry, zhejiang province and lukewarm state municipal government also are driving Wen Zhou enterprise to develop toward this direction.

To law school, the material that existing means is large quantities of quantities enters product line, production gives the suit with the norms same type of batch. And the client changes the figure that means guest him basis and appropriate color quantity body to have something made to order, undertake fast flexible turn production. The Huang Guowang that holds commerce director and news director concurrently personally expresses, this kind of pattern is similar Dai Er, the meeting requirement according to the client, undertake personalized configuration. Yellow think, this kind of fashion is current although be being explored, but after 3 years two may predominate.

In manufacturing process, the client's at present custom-built suit occupies sale to be not worth 5% . Do inside big automation line at first. Law school has come out independently now a small automation line, carry on the business of this respect. Make large quantities of amounts formerly, be in machine child above, the line is a color, do large quantities of amounts. Likely now the line that this dress wants to use this kind of color, a dress should change another kind of color, these element law schools are considering and adjust. Original law school cuts fabrics into parts is to press standard code to use multilayer cut a bed into parts cut a few into parts every time, the force gram sheet that introduces abroad now measures sheet to dismiss a system () of equipment of a kind of hardware, according to everybody bodily form is different, cut into parts only, in order to cooperate large-scale batch custom-built.
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