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Uniform of Beijing Olympic Games is released formally (group plan)

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The leader that attends a ceremony and honored guest release an uniform

Model reveals an uniform

It is reported, in the Olympic Games and incomplete during abstruse meeting, BOCOG will make an appointment with 130 thousand person-time to offer an uniform to equip in all for staff member, volunteer and technical officer. Afore-mentioned uniforms equip by Beijing Olympic Games assemble made companionate Adidasi 2008 company commitment.

Model reveals an uniform

Late on January 20, time 200 days as Beijing Olympic Games one of series activities abstruse meeting uniform releases Beijing Olympic Games, incomplete if be held by schoolroom,the activity is in Chinese people university. BOCOG carries out vice-chairman Jiang Xiaoyu, Shang Xiaoquan, adidasi Bai Wenkang of company director, general manager attend a news briefing and open issues unit. Releasing ceremonial spot, the model that wears an uniform and performed art bound star to undertake showing a performance.

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