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" demon revives " be about to roll out T-shirt of theme of edition of set limit

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The theme that has the game that oneself love is circumjacent, it is the dream of broad and faithful player all the time. Since demon returns to the mainland, a lot of demon Fans returned this land that once had fought bravely, new compose their fokelore. From once “ demon ” arrives nowadays " demon revives " , a lot of player friends are enjoying the fun of demon and challenge to the top of one's bent, and what regret exclusively is to cannot have to imprinting the product that demon indicates. To pass on broad player enthusiasm, become easily the network will be special roll out what prepare meticulously for everybody " demon revives " T-shirt of theme of edition of set limit to, the demon career that is you adds more and classical aftertaste.

In this sorching summer, the T-shirt with dress pure comfortable cotton is wide love for young friends, and the thematic T-shirt that can have a game that oneself love, it is an exciting thing more. Accordingly, no matter be for private use or it is to collect, it is a right choice! " demon revives " T-shirt of theme of edition of set limit to divides in all realistically with cartoon two kinds of styles: Realistically style garment sleeves wave wave, heroic bearing valiant; Cartoon style is droll lovely, cannot help laughing making a person. 8 big professions in all 16 kinds of design make you dazzling, too many things to see. No matter you love, is which kinds of style which kinds of profession, be sure to have the love of a mind that makes you!

Elegant theme T-shirt
T-shirt character is 100% pure cotton, combing 220 grams 28 Zhi Luowen circles are gotten, white setting advocate tone, top-ranking heat turns printing technology makes design 100% be close to game to pursue formerly, bath won't fade. In the meantime, the thematic T-shirt collocation that the other in part that the player can be him in thematic T-shirt chooses to love is sweethearts to install, the government will be special offer 8.5 lose preferential price case, let you and sweetheart hand in hand demon, fly wing to wing! Order for convenient everybody, government-owned net will open terms of payment of the bank on the net, let you never leave home to be able to buy the beautiful T-shirt that admires in the heart to oneself in home dub mouse.

Classical need by engrave, wonderful still be in continuance! Thank all player friend several years to support ours, " demon revives " thematic T-shirt is about to make work at hot recently hair, sale detail pays close attention to please " demon revives " of official homepage latest news!

Statement: Channel of sina net game publishs this article stems from the purpose that passes information, do not imply sina company approval absolutely its viewpoint or confirm its are described.

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