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White T-shirt is worn 4 times build do not show fat

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Guide language: White T-shirt is concise and fashionable, can exaggerated popularity design and confluence of modern life photograph, make the fashionable sense that gives charm of character of rich make public.

Picture origin: ELLE

Vogue is analytic: The T-shirt is welcomed because of the design of ceaseless face-lifting forever, install collision with the skirt of different money, add installing feeling, it is the supplement with this the hottest season.

Vogue is analytic: Will foil with fittings of quietly elegant colorific a leading role, collocation has the T-shirt that adornment feels, high-heeled shoes is necessary anthology.

Vogue is analytic: The secret of the T-shirt depends on its design, the T-shirt of artistic design suits everybody almost, often need a simple thin leg pants only or jacket, with respect to the effect that can wear an expect to be less than.

Vogue is analytic: The collocation of T-shirt of waists-coat of black business suit, light light Song Song is shown with respect to the one side that experts nature of famous model cuckoo come out, appear green and handsome, the affiliation of printing scarf, broke black and white depressing feeling.
[Draft source: Sohu woman community]
[Editor: Gao Qin]

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