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The sort of clean room coverall and management

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[Coverall knowledge] the sort of clean room coverall and management
The sort of clean room coverall and management

Article key introduces the summary the coverall of the sort of clean room coverall and different job area should have on style, color distinguish apparently. Answer to had mastered the principle that defends dust pollution strictly on management especially.

Sort of clean room coverall manages the keyword

Clean room coverall cannot be become besides dress itself send out beyond dirt source, still hold concurrently prevent human body to send out the effect of dust, serve as the dress at the same time, safe protection, comfortable sex, operation should be had on material and design the basic function such as convenient sex, aesthetic sex, what reach underwear as a result of the type that labour takes, cloth otherwise is different, affect the dust inside clean city and bacterium colony number directly.

The sort of coverall of 1 clean room

Ying Guang of coverall quality of a material report of slippery, Wu Jing, do not fall off fiber and graininess material. Dimension size should comfortable and formfitting, the brim should be sealed seam, juncture should inside. Clean division job is not due pocket, horizontal plait, belt, color is white or light color.

The clean coverall of the 1.1 pants that connect the garment

Cut out with whole cloth, flat rubber is used between the waist or elastic is constrictive, collarband, cuff, bottom of a trouser leg seam make with the material that is not infected with dust. The cap can cover the head entirely, show double eye and bazoo only, ear has alveolus.

1.2 depart clean coverall

Add loose trousers of comfortable trousers or Western-style jacket broaden for jacket jacket mostly two sort. Jacket collar is gotten to stand, and it is small are gotten, collarband uses flat rubber constrictive or seam make rib top. All use slide fastener formula commonly and need not button.

1.3 coats clean coverall

The test that does with cloth of clean room coverall is taken model Bai Yi, cuff uses rubber constrictive. Lap should cross genu.

The management of coverall of 2 clean rooms

The coverall of division of 2.1 average production, control division and clean area is in field of style, color is due and clear divisional, must not mix wear.

The catharsis of coverall of 2.2 clean rooms is disinfected

Coverall of division of 2.2.1 average production is weekly catharsis 1 ~ 2, coverall of control division, clean area must every catharsis disinfection.

When 2.2.2 jobs end, the staff member should change control division and clean area in time next coverall, put wait for catharsis to disinfect the window inside by catharsis of person specially assigned for a task. Must not head control division or abluent division.
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