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All sorts of coverall use a trade

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[Coverall knowledge] all sorts of coverall application industries

Antistatic coverall: Apply to aviation of smelt metal of oil, mine, chemical, electron, nuclear energy, spaceflight, enginery,
Industry of cracker of food, firework, medicine.

Antistatic fabrics knowledge: 150CM door more than 10 kinds of color, in using Japan, spin, German Ba Sifu, (flower
Country Shakespeare) electric silk, thickness of face of exterior resistor charge, triboelectricity presses 980/v-1040/v.
Product of British Ba Sifu, quality is supervised through quality of national labor protecting material examine the center is approbated (know how to read of national qualitative prison 099) [(96) the quantity admits (country) word (L0248) date) fabrics product has reseau of 1CM stripe, 0.5CM stripe, 1CM, 0.25CM reseau, without stripe clean fabrics.
Acid resistant coverall: Apply to plant of chemical plant, fertilizer, eletroplate product of factory, accumulator factory, chemical industry store branch of carry, sale and lab, and places of all sorts of pollution having sick at heart.
Flame retardant coverall: Apply to industrial furnace kiln, chemical industry, fire control to reach all type of work in production that contact bright fire or tinderbox.
Fight coverall of oily refus water: Apply to wildcat to drill reach many contact oil to taste the type of work with sewage.
Clean coverall: Inspect male favour of lens of Piao of regret of Weng of Da of  of favour of  of rotten call on to carry  to band Qian imprints ⑹ says two ⒁ uncovers ┑ blade
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