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T-shirt of 4 kinds of styles makes you the most dazzling

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Summer uses the T-shirt score a success of melting department! Bright beautiful color, rich design, lovely modelling is the key that makes melting girl style.

The OL wind that the girl fastens, little of course not sweet powdery T and gorgeous red odd shoe, the purple bag bag of mysterious nobility is full of elegant temperament, small silk towel is nifty and lovely, the pants in sedate gray lets whole dress up appear elegant and dye-in-the-wood.

Two type T-shirt, powdery blue and show a bit thick mad zebra grain design forms bright contrast, passion theres is no lack of in tenderness. This season most show thin sheet to taste should belong to pencil pants, cigarette ash color makes thin body effect more apparent. Elegant and dye-in-the-wood piscine mouth shoe and bright bag bag can let send out all over a temperament like star. The cap of Jazz style and brunet toad lens also can grace many star are angry.

Bright light yellow and the design of child interest make whole tenderer and enchanting. The choice of shoe, bag also with bright give priority to. The young pants that indigo blue department suits personally below. The hair band of tie-in color also is right choice.

Bright yellow T and the pencil pants with lubricious cigarette ash form sharp colour contrast, it is the good method of thin leg. Simple clip foot procrastinates let whole dress up appear cool, comfortable. Greatly sunglass and bright lacquer portfolio criterion and the sheet that makes civilian is changed tastes collocation to give the temperament like luxury.

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