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The collocation of cravat of fashionable profession man and shirt

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The collocation of cravat of fashionable profession man and shirt

Common saying says: The man's cravat is not disrelished much, feminine shoe is not disrelished much. The tie in chest of a lot of men is not little, but should wear a business suit to come, match for how however shirt and cravat are big nerve-racking.

Match cravat shirt, wanted to master a few principle only, can the trouble with very much leave out.

The design that is the same as a type is not suitable

For example, the business suit of grid does not match the tie of the shirt of grid and grid.

● if the business suit that you wore a dark grid, match plain coloured or the shirt of stripe, decorative pattern and cravat are very beautiful.

The shirt of ● grid matchs diagonal tie, the shirt of straight grain matchs the tie of pane design, although be straight line, but the change that has grain way however, won't drab inflexible.

The shirt of design of ● dark style matchs the tie of decorative pattern. Dark style can regard as here plain coloured processing, the cravat of printing or pattern design had better match plain coloured shirt. If match the shirt of grid or line, how many metropolis makes a person have a bit dazzling.

The color of cravat or be fastened with color with shirt or coat or form contrast

The tie-in law that cravat and coat color are the same as lubricious department, different pattern:

The impression of ● cravat is shallow brown have with coat concolorous twill, the shirt that matchs white appears very gentle.

The tie-in law that the color of cravat and shirt is the same as lubricious department, different pattern:

Of ● yellow plain coloured the stripe shirt that cravat matchs yellow, make the person appears very relaxed.

The color of cravat, design differs completely with shirt and coat, form the tie-in standard of contrast:

● is two tie-in methods that turn over a tradition. The cravat collocation white bottom of wine grid appearance is grey the suit jacket of the shirt of stripe and gray, midstream of not stick to one pattern is being shown cheesy.

Plain coloured the tie-in law of shirt and cravat and business suit, it is plain coloured shirt and the collocation of all sorts of design, cravat of color. The color of the shirt can with cravat or be fastened with color or form contrast with the color of cravat very good-looking. No matter match,stripe, pane or beautiful form design also won't make mistake.

If you are when the cravat that chooses to have a variety of color pattern, a kind of any color in advertent design can the word like shirt or business suit color, the effect can be perfected.

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