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Simple T-shirt wears a life manner

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Soon Chu Xia, bunt casts off the fate of underlay eventually, swing what above covers to manacle smell panorama. The T-shirt the basic clothes money as disappear heat, arrive simply to add even an a collar, button without place, lose with the design decide the issue of the battle before the bosom only, at special period, turning over T-shirt make an issue of is moment.

The T-shirt appears the earliest at going up as military underwear at the beginning of the century, get a name because of its configuration. Go up century 50 time, marlonBrando and JamesDean wear white in the sheet before big screen first tight T-shirt, make so that T-shirt success transition is daily outfit design. Arrived to go up century 669 time, the T-shirt is imprinted to go up a lot of and radical catchphrase, become green at that time chronological table to amount to ego, the prop of drain unsatisfactory. In the meantime, rock and roll culture begins to sweep across the whole world, the name oneself and figure print a lot of band to go up in the T-shirt, not only regard conduct propaganda as the way, the T-shirt more become them the mainest additional achieve receive one of goods. Go up century 80 time, the rudiment of street culture begins budding, a few have the businessmen of brains, such as Stussy, get on the doodle print T-shirt in Hip-Hop culture, this kind easy to read and understand straight white and the expressive pattern that reveals personality immediately ovation, a lot of youngsters that have idea in succession follow-up, your T-shirt becomes the superexcellent carrier that shows ego individual character.

Although later also have stick full water to get at every turn ” of thousands of yuan “ coxcombical T-shirt, but major T-shirt or wear a gender to reside individual clothes money high to have with amiable price and tall fact first of rate. This period, let element of price of our slam the door, pure from design phyletic angle sets out, peep the T-shirt after all.

Photograph T-shirt bend so as to breakstubborn is literary employ artistic concept

The photograph T-shirt that heats up greatly in recent years by early the character design T-shirt before (rock band and movie star) developmental and come, it is more popular nowadays only will dinkum hollowness scenery, and the detail photography work that disentombs with distinctive perspective pressworks before T-shirt bosom, in order to build some kind of artistic conception. Uniqlo had manufactured last year a T-shirt, get on the photograph inscription rubbing of glacier of the Arctic Ocean in whole dress, the effect more shake, just operate cost to hold high so, gain ground hard consequently.

Grain T-shirt band appoints an uniform

The Pattern that appears the earliest on tatting fabrics (grain, wait like stripe, grid) design, because its are localler sex of printing design whole is stronger, also appear on the knitting dress material such as the T-shirt then. Because its black-and-white is characteristic, stylist blends in design grain design in, make rectify a T-shirt to have interest sex more. Because its are marked and grain T-shirt is rich the graph grain effect of administrative levels gets band is loving, rock and roll the preference is black and white horizontal stripe, and friend gram loves red black stripe or red green grid.
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