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[Professional clothing] the tie-in skill of office professional clothing

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[Professional clothing] the tie-in skill of office professional clothing

The job accomplished the female's abiding beauty. Reveal grade, release self-confidence, guide fashionable …… their nature to make a capital they use a the most outstanding group oneself peculiar temperament illumed Qiu Dong's street, we can take their fashionable breath at any time.

Professional clothing romance has flower

In the impression of people, professional female also follows professional clothing it seems that euqally curt and lack colour, the distinction of traditional female professional clothing and men's clothing depends on the change of dimension only almost. Actually, young white-collars are affecting fashionable step, in recent years professional clothing had produced many change stealthily, stylist of company of fashionable dress of Ma of Oriental celestial being introduces to the reporter, fashionable dress bound in Boximiya the mad blusterous stroke of wind falls, in the design that the element such as crystal, bead embroider, lacy, flower begins to apply on-the-job course of study to install, delicate humor of the female is brought into play to rise eventually.

Stylist emphasizes, luxuriant adornment, stretch fiber is woman fashionable dress in indispensable, the creativity of the person that can reflect an outfit better and self-confident heart are used in professional clothing. Not long ago, ma of Oriental celestial being in each big market exhibited a few newest the autumn outfit that roll out, assemble today the popular element of season vogue female outfit: Design is concise and changeful, local apply Austrian crystal to iron stone, colorful lacy, gorgeous flower …… to the top of one's bent apply colours to a drawing is worn modern woman the delicate, colorful, heart world that is full of a hope.

The Japan of reservation of exterior effect skinning texture, rich tactility imports acetic acid fabrics, freedom adds Lai stretchly to block wool fabrics, and the fabrics of printing coating dust coat with gorgeous colour is waited a moment, fashionable lasting appeal is very. Colour pays attention to the moderate contrast that light and shade spends more: The orange, marked lake that has Ming Yan already is blue, have gentle cream-colored and fashionable the color of camel's hair again, black and white still exist with lasting classical effect.

Match a bit to act the role of tenderness

To the professional clothing of conceal individual character, the tenderest deserve to act the role of silk of nothing is more... than and cashmere. The female begins from student times, already learned filar towel a certain number of planting is a law, the silk of profusion changed the cold good sense of professional clothing infirmly; And in recent years just popular cashmere dress, broke away from the burnish with cold silk, can explain a female more natural, gentle, inside the east of collect is temperamental. To the flush cashmere goods on the market, stylist offerred very good proposal: Naughty give a few high-quality goods, as reasonable as existing dress style collocation can, need not cap-a-pie is fully armed.
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